Conquering the Grouse Grind seems to be a rite of passage for Vancouverites and a claim that can be made only by the few and brave. In the more than five years I’ve called this city my home, I’d yet to attempt it until today. This morning I grabbed my Will Tippin and made my way to the base.

The Mission

I’m not gonna lie: the task was far more daunting than I anticipated it would be. You might think that because I never snapped any photos on the trail that maybe I cheated and took the tram up, but the truth is that it was far too grueling to even think about my camera. That, and we were both much to focused on the beer at the top to stop for photo ops.

Nachos too…

Before descending the mountain, we took a quick walk to the five-acre Grizzly Bear Refuge, home to two orphaned grizzly bears.

I was pretty choked that I stopped filming when I did because not even 30 seconds later, the big guy started scratching up an awkward storm, Al Bundy-style.

The grizzlies were unspeakably beautiful, graceful in their lumbering and far more playful than the menacing creatures they’re made out to be. What I really wanted was to give out free bear hugs to the two of them!

I nicknamed this guy Jordy II since he lays the same way as my pup.

French manicure, please.

After making the ascent in one hour and 36 minutes, it was mission: accomplished for the C.I.A.

Will and Syd

Two-second snap before they herded me onto the tram to head back down the mountain. It was the best $5 I have ever spent.

The Peak of Vancouver

Also, just a little bit stoked that I was still rocking the glow an hour later.

Grouse Glow

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  1. I’m proud of you…that was quite the accomplishment! Sure looks like a flimsy fence between the grizzly and you…a true bear hug would be your last!

  2. Yeah, but what a way to go, hey? *sigh*

    P.S. It was an electric fence, plus there was a two-foot gap and we were behind a wooden railing.

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  4. Ah! I still haven’t done the Grouse Grind and I’ve lived in Vancouver since I was 9… I even grew up on the North Shore. Time to get on that…

    You got some great pictures!

  5. Brave girl. I have yet to do the Grind in my 8 years in they city. It would probably take me all day to get up, but one day I tell ya, one day! :)

  6. Congrats on conquering the Grouse Grind! Those shots of Grinder and Coola are great :)

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