I find people to be incredibly fascinating. I also find life to be incredibly fascinating. The nature of both can be encouraging at times and utterly disappointing at others.

I like my life. I’m rather satisfied with it these days. Both the ups and the downs have been essential in contributing to where I am at this very day during the very minute you’re reading this.

If you’d like a test with which to gauge how much the people you love actually love you back, throw yourself into an emotional crisis. In situations like those, there’s no way to predict how the trauma will be dealt with, how long the wounds require to heal and who will still be left standing at the end of the day.

At the climax I found myself on earlier this year, I initially had what seemed like a ton of support. As the weeks and months wore on and I was able to pick myself up in the ring, wipe the blood from my mouth and ice my black eyes, the crowd was much smaller. It’s only in times like that you discover who’s truly standing behind you. And further, it’s simple – and sometimes astonishing – to realize the ones that show their true colours when being your friend is less important than being “in the loop” for social reasons, so to speak.

My circle has since become small, considerably small. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. At least now I know for certain who I can talk with, who I can share with and who I can ultimately trust. I adore the path I’m on in life, the new experiences and people that I am finally finding myself open to once again and am savouring every minute of my new-found independence. I find myself exuding a carefree and – dare I say – happy disposition, letting everyone else hang on to their “life crap” if they wish. That’s just not for me anymore.

Those ups and downs – that is life. Things won’t get better once you pay all the bills, buy this or obtain that. You won’t feel settled once you secure a mortgage or a man. Today is life, this is now and I’d rather have a pocket full of something small and real I can hold onto rather than push a trolley full of emotional baggage.

A Prada dress has never broke my heart before, but I’m quite sure I’m no longer on the market simply for labels.

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  1. don’t thank me all at once you’re welcome for everything i know i know i’m selfless, i just can’t help it.

  2. Well written. You are one smart lady.
    It just isn’t worth the time trying to keep up with “those kind” of people. I want REAL friends… friends like yourself.


  3. I think this calls for homemade birthday cake. It’s exciting enough to not have it be either of our birthdays. It’s someone’s in this world and that’s why we’re going to have one. For them, and for you.

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