Every girl should have a brother. If not to protect her when she’s older, then definitely to terrorize her when she’s younger.

Sweet and nearly angelic as a toddler, Trevor and I were extremely close right from the start. I wasn’t even the kind of sister that made him play dress-up. Usually it was just building blanket-and-pillow forts under the dining table, creating mud pies, swinging on monkey bars and trying to out-do each other at constructing the most stellar of Lego houses.

My brother was the ultimate “shit disturber” as he got older, as so affectionately called by my Oma. I’m sure she said it in German, so he was none-the-wiser.

I’m quite sure his pinched-cheek smile was incredibly calculated to off-set all the ways in which he delighted in causing my temper tantrums. Though can you blame me? When he wasn’t drawing, um… poo, with a jiffy marker on my ceramic piggy bank, he was sneaking into my bedroom and slapping stickers on the faces of all my pin-ups. (I do apologize for that, Patrick Swayze… and Joey MacIntyre, Bono, Simon LeBon and all your friends.)

And sometimes people grow up. While a few years ago if I thought I’d ever have any kind of relationship with Teenage Mutant Ninja Trevor someday, I’d have said no. Never did I imagine he’d become one of my best friends.

Today he is every bit the man I’d always hoped he’d become. Always brother and son, but now also husband and father. That’s still a bit of a trip to think about.

While time has passed and much has changed in both our lives, some things will always remain: such as his undying love for Venkman, Spengler, Stantz and Zeddmore, the way he still eats his Honey Nut Cheerios out of a casserole dish and his uncanny knack for busting out fart jokes at the most inappropriate of times.

It’s amazing to me to consider that today he celebrates his 25th birthday. While I wish more than anything I could be with him to chow down on DQ ice cream cake and beer, I’m instead thinking about all the more milestones and memories to come between brother and sister. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Happy Birthday, Trevor!

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  1. Spoke to the Birthday Boy this morning…he was driving to the rig on his first day at the new job. I too wish we could have all spent his birthday celebrating. We’ll do it in fine form when he gets back. xo

  2. Brothers and sisters have awesome bonds. My little brother is only 2 years younger than me but I consider him a big brother. He’s already engaged and far more settled than I can see myself being in the near future.
    This was a really nice post.

  3. Happy Birthday to TMNT Trevor. Makes me think of my ‘little brother’ who’s actually 28 and getting married. *sigh*. Oh and, I’m pretty sure this is one of the best photos I’ve ever seen in a long time anywhere: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keiramellis/3858588831/
    a) Because a Cabbage Patch Kid is driving a cardboard car while your brother sits in the back seat
    b) Because of the dainty way you are holding the pull-string and curling your left toes under
    c) Because of that get up. You are a vision in scarlet.

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