• Vancouver Island’s Marmot Recovery Foundation is ironically facing extinction after the BC’s Ministry of Environment has yet to fork over annual funding. The group is about $60,000 short for the fiscal year. [Comox Valley Record]
  • A woman from Ucluelet has kept a black-tailed deer as a pet for the last five years. Conservation officers want the woman to release the deer but some animal rights activists say the deer would die, being that it lacks the skills to survive in the wild. What do you think? [Westerly News]

Hilary's Cheese

Photo: Miss604 on Flickr – Read the blog post.

  • Sometimes John Mayer is awkward.
  • Last month the Vancouver sun published an interesting article regarding the Vancouver Humane Society and a person’s right to support animals. All life is inter-connected and it’s a good reminder not to compartmentalize compassion. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Do you like shoes? I like shoes. Enter here to win a gorgeous pair of designer heels from olsenHaus.
  • There’s less than a month to go until the Province-wide Paws For A Cause to support the BC-SPCA. If you’d like to sponsor me and Jordy as we crusade for our furry and feathered friends, please click here to do so. We’ve already achieve 47% of our goal!
  • Fall is just around the corner which means that the snow will be falling once again before we know it! You have until September 15, 2009 to purchase your season pass from Mount Washington and be entered to win some fantastic prizes (including an escape to Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino)! Early bird passes are available until the end of September.

Marine Life
Photo: DBLTHNK on Flickr

  • A court date has been set for three men accused of assault in a potentially racially-motivated incident that took place earlier this summer behind the Courtenay McDonald’s restaurant. The story has grabbed international headlines, and the trio will learn what they’re being formally charged with at an arraignment on September 10, 2009 now that the RCMP’s investigation has wrapped up. [Comox Valley Record]
  • If you’re looking for other great local reading, Comox Valley Blogs has recently launched and features a growing list of area blogs.

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  1. We were talking about the marmot at dinner last night. I think a trip to the Foundation is in order, to give them some press. Oh, and I’m totally adopting a marmot for you for Christmas!

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  3. That’s sad about the Marmot Foundation.. after all that exposure from the 4th 2010 olympics mascot, too. My daughter got that marmot doll (on the sidebar of Rebecca’s link) when she was born, and I want to adopt one for her when she’s old enough to enjoy it. I hope the foundation’s around long enough for me to do that!

  4. Marmots are soo cute! Saw them when we went to Whistler (namesake) and they were pretty friendly furry guys.

    Are you getting a season pass for Mt.Washington? It’s not that far from your current place ๐Ÿ˜‰ We would like to hit up Mt.Washington this year, we’ll see how it goes. It better be as good as you and Rebecca always write about (and photograph) lol, I know where to find you if not, well I don’t but…

  5. @Alissa – It sure is sad… I think the marmot was added as a “bonus” mascot for the sole reason of shedding some light on the fragility of the Vancouver Island Marmot population.

    @Tyler – Unfortunately, no. While I’m lucky in that my mom lives only 20 minutes from the chain-up area, I don’t make it up the mountain enough times in a season to buy a pass. However, a good option for those who want to go up a few times in a season is the Six-Pack. You get a total of six passes at a discounted rate, which is a great option if you have a group of people going together (or you want to make six solo trips ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). And for the record, yes, it is as good as Rebecca and I say it is!

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  7. Looking forward to joining you and Jordy on the Paws walk. Going to send your link to a few…hopefully you will meet your goal!

  8. 1. Too sad!
    2. Oh Deer. Heard about this on CBC. Lots of people were calling in with their opinions…
    5. Oh my Gawd! shoes.
    9. Thanks :)

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