Being that I didn’t get back to Vancouver until after 10pm and because I filled my entire memory card, it’s safe to say that I won’t be wading through all my pictures from this summer’s The Big Time Out until Monday evening. Until then, a teaser.

I arrived just in time to catch Delhi 2 Dublin‘s set. Their energy and entirely unique sound got the whole crowd jumping – literally.

Video: tempest_kat on Flickr

The festival’s headliner and cherry on the sundae was none other than Sam Roberts Band. Excuse the poor video quality, but it’s clear to hear that Sam and his band kick some serious ass on stage. The show was unreal.

I can promise you that the photos are of much better quality than the videos. Look for those tomorrow morning!

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3 Comments on “SNEAK PEEK: THE BIG TIME OUT 2009

  1. I waited hours just to hear Brother Down and you can bet I will be listening to my new Delhi 2 Dublin CD today.

  2. It’s not a bad video, not like anyone can expect an IMAX cinematic experience when you’re dealing with a crowded concert, heh. I love Sam Roberts, and really started to love him more after I saw him live last year. Such great performers they are!

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