For two years I’ve been meaning to watching Waitress, but somehow our paths never collided until very recently. It’s a precious and venerable treat of a film that tells the tale of Jenna, a young woman from the south who finds herself unwillingly pregnant by a man that thoroughly disgusts her – her husband.

Cheryl Hines, Keri Russell, Adrienne Shelly

Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures

Waitress was the first time I’d seen Keri Russell in action, and her portrayal of Jenna is endearing, full of grace and a little bit of cheeky humour. Trying to find balance between pleasing her obnoxiously jealous husband, Earl (Jeremy Sisto), and serving up smiles at Joe’s Pie Diner, Jenna is more than just a pretty waitress with a knack for creating scrumptious pies. Waitress also features a delightful performance by Andy Griffith as well as a bit of rugged charm by way of Canadian actor, Nathan Fillion. I always found him rather cute in Firefly, but this film solidified his babe status in my books.

Filming and production wrapped shortly before writer, director and co-star Adrienne Shelly was found murdered in the West Village apartment she shared with her husband and daughter. While her death truly saddened me at the time, Waitress is a beautiful and inspiring film – a legacy that Shelly’s family should undoubtedly be proud of.

Even re-watching the trailer makes me a little misty-eyed. It’s true… I really am that silly.

Sometimes a girl needs a film just like this to offer a little bit of sugar-coated, heart-warming encouragement in life and love. And by the end, I even thought to myself that maybe someday it wouldn’t be so bad to have a baby. Maybe. Someday. Just maybe. MAYBE.

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  1. LOVE this movie. As soon as I saw it, I bought it. It’s great because it may be a “sweet” movie, There’s a lot of real, hard situations. And if you read about the murder of the director, it adds such a level to the movie.

  2. Keri Russell is amazing and I second the motion that you get your hands on the Felicity dvds STAT. Best show ever. (You can borrow mine!)

  3. Since my husband is known as The Pie Guy we actually took the time to get a sitter and see this one at the theater when it came out. We met at Dot’s Diner, where he worked in Bisbee, Arizona (and eventually got married right there at the diner). So, of course, we now own the movie Waitress. Even though it is “chick flick-ish” in nature, even my hubby will sit down and watch it again and again.

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