I had a dream a few nights ago.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

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I was alone by myself in a tiny villa, not far from the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was the middle of the night and everything outside was blacker than ink. Desperately wanting to take pictures of the summit against a blanket of stars, I ventured outside and started snapping.

Out of the night a tiger came up behind me. Instead of attacking, he nuzzled my hand much like a domestic cat. The tiger just wanted affection. What was more apparent to me than any other element to my dream was the sense of peace that prevailed.

Relaxed by dangerous
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2007 South Africa
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As a child, my family never, ever went on distant vacations so I had never been bitten by the “travel bug.” Aside from New York City, no place around the globe has ever drawn me. That is, however, until now.

I must go.

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2007 South Africa
Photo: Dennis Leidelmeijer on Flickr

I’ve been researching, calculating a budget and even consulting with those that have been or have lived there. 2011 will be the soonest this venture will happen. While I would like to spend time in Kenya and Tanzania to see Mt. Kilimanjaro, I’m also drawn to South Africa, namely the area around Durban.

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2007 South Africa
Photo: Dennis Leidelmeijer on Flickr

Simply watching a scenic program on PBS or the National Geographic channel cannot replace the experience. I have no doubt that to go and to come face-to-face with such majesty will be something to last a lifetime.

Madikew Lion #2
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Beautiful faces
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If you’ve been or are planning on going, any thoughts and insight would definitely stoke my fire. However, spare me the basic facts on the intense political climate in many areas – to ignore such a factor would be ignorance on my part and I haven’t overlooked it.

Right now, I’m still dreaming…

Bolotwa, South Africa
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(And yes, I realize tigers do not exist in the wild in Africa; I presume it was just a symbolic element to the dream I had.)

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6 Comments on “OUT OF AFRICA

  1. I would say gooooooo for it. It sounds like an amazing adventure and I am all about following your dreams and passions wherever they may lead you.

  2. As a young girl I loved watching movies such as Hatari and others that took place in Africa. Once a week we all crowded around the black and white TV enthralled with Wild Kingdom. Ever since then my dream was to go on an African Safari…which in turn is the reason I not so patiently wait for the release of each new Wilbur Smith book and still catch any program I can about Africa.

  3. Friends of mine are going there in January for 3 weeks. They’re planning to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro too. (It’s more or less a straight forward hike). I’m so very jealous of them.

    You have lots time to plan the trip, totally go for it.

  4. Being from South Africa, I would definitely recommend it, but would change your itinerary from Durban to Cape Town and the Kruger Park. There are some great places around Durban (i.e. Southbroom), don’t get me wrong, but Cape Town is much prettier. Let me know if you need help planning your trip :).

  5. i’ll be in kenya, rwanda, and uganda this june/july and can’t wait. i’ve always had a strong desire to go to africa, even as a child. after i go, i’d be happy to tell you about my experiences, just send me an email. :o)

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