Today is a very special day.

Monkey Girl

My lovable, sweet-as-pie, kind-as-candy and darling friend Ashley is celebrating her birthday.

I Am Seriously In Love With This Girl


Friends for nearly a decade, there aren’t a lot of adventures we haven’t been on. We’ve ridden roller coasters, drank wine stashed in thermoses in the park, soaked in the Banff hot springs in matching bikinis, eaten most likely litres of Island Farms ice cream, talked under the stars, clung to each other during horror films and consumed our combined weight in Cupcakes. Ashley has even been a motherly hand to hold at the dentist’s office when I got an abscess on vacation.


Sisters From Different Misters

What I love most about my “sister” – besides our uncanny knack to dress alike without even planning on it – is her unconditional love. No matter how different our viewpoints or opinions or thoughts are, she’s always there to love and respect me. Ashley is one of the few people I can be my true self with because she does not judge.

Blonde and blue.

Ashley, I wish you a joyous, beautiful, sunshiny and fun-filled day. And by fun-filled, I actually mean ice cream-filled. Have a very, very happy birthday! xo

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  1. Happy birthday!

    As a photographer I think both of you would be awesome models to shoot. 😀

  2. Awww- we have had SO many fun times together and it makes my day to even think about all the goodness! Thanks for the post and memories!

    I’m was devouring island farms frozen yogurt as I was reading this… haha!!

    Haha… and THANKS Tawcan- You might have noticed how much we enjoy the camera 😉

  3. Pffft no delete option? I was just reading over my I’m WAS comment…
    brilliant. Just brilliant.

  4. @Raymi – You wish. Just wait, when I come to Toronto I’m gonna pack two of everything and we will match every single day.

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