Two weeks from today, I’ll be waking up to this…


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Months ago my mom and I decided that, instead of heading to Hornby Island this summer, we’d head to Tofino. Believe it or not, despite the fact that she’s lived on Vancouver Island since the mid-1960s, my mom has never been. Ucluelet, yes; Tofino, no. We booked one of the gorgeous beachfront suites at Middle Beach Lodge and will spend three days dining, exploring, sunbathing, drinking Island wine, surfing (well, I will), wandering and snapping photos. And no, I do not plan on bringing my MacBookPro. Pictures will come after.

I look forward to my summer holidays every single year, and they’ll start at 3:00 p.m. on July 31. As usual, I’ll be heading home to Vancouver Island to spend time relaxing out of the city. However, unlike last summer, this one will be filled with family and I am beyond excited to spend time with my incredibly adorable niece.

Not only that, but I have so much else to look forward to such as the annual Filberg Festival, BBQing, running on the beach with Jordy and Charley, dragging my mom to Little Qualicum Cheeseworks, sleeping in, short jean shorts every single day, gathering tasty goods at the Coombs Old Country Market, tanning my legs (finally!), Nautical Days at the Comox Marina and whatever other fun surprises pop up along the way.

Now that July is running out and our summers are half over, what are you looking forward to doing in August?

Jordy, Charley and myself are participating in this year’s BC-SPCA Paws For A Cause. Click here to read more about my personal fund-raising effort. If you would like to donate, hop on over to my personal campaign page. Many thanks for your generosity!

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  1. sounds like a great vacation lady! i’ve lived in vancouver for 5 years (almost 6) and i still haven’t gone to tofino – jealous!
    i am looking forward to the last day of work and my current job and starting my new one – we shall call it reinvention 2009.
    have a wonderful holiday with your momma!

  2. Tofino is the best! Have a blast. May still see you on the ferry if I leave the Friday instead of Saturday morning!

  3. i love Tofino. How do you go to Uclulet and not Tofino?? it’s like… 4 min away. *shakes head* Glad you’re going to experience it with her.

  4. working! Yes I’m looking forward to it after 3 long years…

    August means… LAUNCHING. NEW. WEBSITE :)


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