For almost the entire duration of our friendship, Rebecca and I have dreamed and giggled about visiting New York City together. Finally – finally – the trip planning has been set into motion, and with Rebecca’s recent whirlwind trip this week, my stoke meter has been spiking. Though our girls’ vacation to the Big Apple isn’t going to happen until May, 2010, it doesn’t hurt to scout out a bit in advance.

Times Square

Photo: Miss604 on Flickr

While we’ve agreed to rely more on spontaneity and avoid the usual tourist traps and a packed itinerary, there are certainly a few things I need to do and experience.

1. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise to take in the views of Manhattan from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

2. Eat a pretzel from a different street vendor every single day (I love warm, salty pretzels)!

3. Visit Times Square at 1:00 a.m. to snap pictures.

4. Cruise across to Staten Island on the free ferry (and maybe “enjoy” an infamous Staten Island iced tea).

5. Take a deep breath from the top of the Empire State Building.

6. Aimlessly wander Greenwich Village to find something unique for each of my special someones.

7. “Hit up Magnolia and mack on some cupcakes…”

8. Allow my darling Meghan to drag us to her favourite places and allow her to set me up with she-knows-who (and I won’t forget, Megs).

9. Buy myself a charm bracelet at Tiffany & Co. and have it engraved with the date to commemorate the trip

10. Devour a tasty lunch in Central Park in the sunshine.

I have no doubt I’ll probably put on a few pounds from all the tempting food. I know for certain I’ll drink a lot of coffee; sleep is overrated and I plan on making the most of our week there (even if it means heading out on some solo excursions). And fingers crossed, this is where we may be staying. We’re checking out our options, but those rooms sure would make from some cute photo shoots!

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17 Comments on “I ♥ NEW YORK

  1. Hey… sounds fun. Hey, while you’re there, this might come in handy:


    They are clients of mine. It’s a NYC fashion community. If you click on “boutiques’ it will show you where the good shops are – broken down by neighbourhood. Some even have virtual tours.

    Take care!

  2. I want to hit up NYC, though we were thinking it would be easily a 2 week thing. Looking forward to your adventures in the big apple!

  3. You have wanted to visit NYC for a very long time and I am glad it has finally come to the planning stage!

  4. That sounds absolutely amazing! The Muse looks GORGEOUS- boutique is the way to go!

    I’m already excited for the pictures that you and Rebecca will take in NYC! Would you be bringing Jordy? I noticed the hotel is pet friendly?

  5. I was in New York in May this year and it was just dreamy fun – my first time as a grown-up with my own agenda. Surely your list will grow as the time nears but it’s fun to dream of something that will happen! I wish I had looked into going to Top of the Rock instead of Empire State Building. The crowds for that are somewhat de-humanizing – we went at night and it was busy and it seemed we should have gone in the day instead. Top of the Rock seems to have a much nicer viewing area.

  6. @wyn – That’s probably the better idea! Besides, it’s the Top of the Rock that Mick Dundee saw the city from, not the Empire State Building 😉

  7. While the pretzels are delicious, you MUST indulge yourself with the beernuts. I’m addicted and I can’t seem to find them anywhere that matches the taste!

  8. Having just moved here (NYC) 2’ish weeks ago, I can tell you – it’s everything I had hoped. You’ll have a great time. You also have to go to a concert or two while you’re here, the music scene is to die for.

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  10. It’ll be my first year in 4 that I don’t make it into NYC for Easter. Don’t spend a lot of money on a hotel as you’ll hardly be spending any time in there anyways. The Hotel Penn in midtown is older and dated but super cheap and really central. As for the Hudson recommendation above… that’s where Matt stayed 2 years ago – I’m sure you can remember how thrilled he was with his 137 sq.ft. accommodations, sitting in that bathroom was worse than trying to close the door on his toilet in his old studio…

    If you’re wanting to do night shots… You may want to look into a light portable small tripod – all depends on how hardcore you want to get.

    I’m sure you girls will have a blast – you won’t even need coffee to keep you going on little sleep as there’s something in the air in NY that just makes you feel alive…

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