One of the rights of passage on family vacations for kids who grow up anywhere on Vancouver Island is a trip to Paradise Fun Park mini golf. Situated on the Island Highway in the area of north Parksville, Rebecca and I found it impossible not to be lured in by the colourful lights, bright flowers, towering castle and the Old Woman’s Shoe.

Aside from two putt-putt courses, Turf ‘N Surf or Treasure Island, Paradise Fun Park also features bumper boats, an arcade, gift shop, Italian café and yours truly’s favourite: Island Farms ice cream. For those wishing to celebrate their birthday at Paradise Fun Park, party with your pals in the Old Woman’s Shoe.

Paradise Fun Park - Mini Golf
Photo: Miss604

I landed myself a hole-in-one on the pirate ship!

Paradise Fun Park - Mini Golf
Photo: Miss604

Mini skirt for mini golf – Rebecca knew exactly what she was doing…

If you can believe it, I resisted temptation… until the next day.

Final score: Rebecca – 49, Keira-Anne – 56.

Paradise Fun Park is located at 375 West Island Highway in Parksville, BC with summer hours from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., seven days a week. Please keep in mind that the course closes during the winter months and also has an adjacent seasonal RV/campground and pet-friendly motel. Paradise Fun Park offers a really fun and affordable experience for families and pals like Rebecca and me. For more information, please visit their website.


  1. “Paradise Fun” Park.

    They’re really trying hard to sell this place as heaven on earth eh.

    I wonder what names they left on the cutting room floor.

    “Super Duper Paradise Utopia Funtastic Park-alicious” to name but one.

  2. Damn it I want some Island Farms icecream now! Look what you did Keira!

    I guess I’ll have Island Farms mango yogurt instead.

  3. I loved that place as a kid! We’d camp in Parksville every summer and this mini golf place was always one of the highlights of our trips! My grandparents from England even joined us there for a game once! Many fond memories of this place!

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