Aside from a few setbacks earlier this year, the past few months have been exceptionally good to me. I have a new apartment that I love, a dog that has come into my life as though he’s my kindred spirit and everything else just seems to be falling into place.

I was reminded of this the other day as I locked the door to my apartment with a smile on my face after having said goodbye to my darling love. I turned towards the elevators and was dumbstruck by what I saw.

Lucky 7

I’m not one for superstitions, but in Las Vegas, 7-7-7 means only one thing: ka-ching! Okay, so I’m not exactly Miss Moneybags, but between a great job and my newly implemented budget (which is going great, by the way – who knew living under restrictions would be enjoyable?), but a whole lot of other wealth is coming my way.

Lately my brain has been in overload mode with hundreds of ideas, ambitions, goals, targets and so much more that I’m just generally really excited about. I feel like I hardly have the time to write it all down with so much brainstorming going on! Between the newly carved path to financial freedom I’ve been traveling and a huge boost to my true sense of self, I find myself nothing less than on a complete stoke.


It’s said that the best way to live a life of accomplishment, met goals and “success” (define that as you will) is to truly envision what that looks like for you as an individual…

…I want to travel to New York and to California.

…to purchase an economic car and to buy a small home for Jordy and me.

…I want to be smart with the money I’m blessed with, be solely responsible for myself and have more residuals for retirement and charities that I feel passionate about.

…I desperately want to write a cheeky, “fictional” novel à la Star and who cares if it never gets published?

…I want to feel a deepened sense of spirituality in my life in the everyday, not just in the urgent moments.

I’ve become keenly aware of how much I am capable of and what I can achieve. While I suppose I could sit around and hope, wish and pray that someone or something would create happiness in my life, why don’t I branch out and create my own?

I could have chosen complacency, chosen convention and chosen the path well-traveled. This life is not our own – it is a gift given and a gift that can be taken away. However, while we all have this life, don’t we owe it to ourselves to give it the very best we’ve got and stretch every second to its maximum capacity?

Maybe I should’ve been a cheerleader.

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9 Comments on “BLONDE AMBITION

  1. It’s incredible how powerful setting goals can be. Just the act of writing them down somehow makes their attainment seem more real. The subconsious mind is a powerful force and when you visualize goals and daily remind yourself of why you want to achieve them, it’s incredible how people and things come into your life and everything seems to fall into place!

  2. fantastic post! So much of this reminds me of myself right now! I feel ideas and thoughts and optimism and hope pouring from myself too…and it feels great! Enjoy!!

  3. Hey Keira…i’ve been reading your blog for over 6 months and i just love it!! It’s been very inspiring to me! LOVE LOVE LOVE! This post was awesome too…exactly what i’ve been going through too. It made me think about things a bit more positive!
    By the way…i’m from Brasil and i’ve been thinking about start to blog myself….do you have any tips or something like that??
    Thank you soo much!!!

  4. nice post Keira! you really can choose the life you want, in fact we are all doing it everyday … so why not choose the things that make you most happy?

    seems you’re well on your way and I’m happy for you!

    you as a cheerleader? no comment 😉

  5. I think you ARE a cheerleader. Every time you write a post like this, you bring hope and optimism to many people who truly need it, and I can say that I dearly treasure how a strangers thoughts can make me feel better. Thank you.

  6. beautiful!

    lemme know when you wanna come down here, id love to show you around my little town!

  7. Brilliant! Cant wait to read in the coming months to see all the things you have accomplished. I definitely think the SEVENS are a good sign!

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