I’ve been feeling like there’s a bit of a rain cloud over my head the last few days. While I could be a deceptive blogger and writing about ponies and rainbows in an attempt to make you all think I feel peachy, let’s be candid with each other, no?

In the spirit of all things Eeyore, I present to you an incomplete list of things that drive this girl nuts (and then some)…

  • being cut off by cars in a crosswalk
  • my bangs (actually, all my hair right now, generally speaking)
  • stepping onto an elevator to discover it’s suffocating with cologne or perfume
  • stepping off of an elevator to discover a horde of people fighting like vultures to get on before I get off
  • text messaging
  • people that say they’ll call and then don’t
  • when people type or spell a lot as alot
  • tourists that lollygag on the sidewalk when I’m trying to get to work
  • checking my voicemail
  • people that don’t keep their dogs on leashes when walking down the street
  • LOL-ing… who really sits at their computer laughing out loud? (as well, excessive and unnecessary emoticon use)
  • student loans
  • people that don’t know the difference between their, there, and they’re (this annoyance also applies to differences between your and you’re, as well as too, to and two)
  • when radio stations play edited versions of songs… isn’t that compromising artistic integrity?
  • being told I’m needed for something at the last minute – sudden and unexpected change invokes temper tantrums
  • PC computers

Feel free to add to the list.

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  1. Similar to your getting off the elevator – when people rush to get on the subway as soon as the doors open, not allowing some of us to get OFF first. You’d think they’d want us all off so they can find seats or places to stand, but no, it seems as though if they don’t get on the subway AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, it will leave immediately, and they’ll have to catch the next train.

    I’m discovering this to be a North American-wide phenomenon – it happens in Toronto, Vancouver, Philadelphia, New York and San Francisco. When I’m in a really foul mood, I do sometimes find myself widening my shoulders, and just walking straight through the entire crowd, not caring who I smash into. But every time I do this, I feel bad about it in less than a minute.

  2. I’m getting better at spelling a lot and not alot 😉 Oh I also have learned that LEARNT is not a real word 😛

    Thing that make me go ugh:
    – People who don’t understand that PC mean personal computer, which includes the Mac 😉 haha
    – Stupid drivers
    – People who bag their dogs poop and leave the bags on the ground/tree WTF??
    – People who drop garbage on hiking trails
    – Radios stations that play the same song rotation all day long
    – People who feed birds, and feed them bread
    – People who feed Raccoons
    – People who think its cute for their very young children to go up and try to pet racoons
    – Prost-i-tots
    My list can go on 😉 haha

  3. “stepping onto an elevator to discover it’s suffocating with cologne or perfume”

    The elevators in the building are pretty bad eh? I just about died this morning.

  4. @Tyler – Then why do the Mac commercials compare Macs to PCs? I’m confuzzled.

    @Tracy – Ugh, I know. Especially the elevator closest to the security desk this morning… I just about died from the skankalicious smell.

  5. Love this! I also have a few…

    – people on bikes who expect me to stop for them at a crosswalk. it’s called a crossWALK for a reason, get the hell off your bike.
    – all forms of online and mobile communication.
    – nickelback. i actually know someone who thinks they are “God’s gift to music.” *barf*
    – people who ask me if i’m pregnant. and what if i wasn’t? then what?

    There is probably more…I’ll post them when I think of them. It’s nice to get this off my chest!!

  6. – Garbages trucks that wake me up at 8am after a night shift.
    – People who leave their laundry in the washer/dryer for hours after they are done. I don’t really want to touch your shirts, underwear, etc.
    – Ants.
    – The ALOT thing bothers me a lot too. Ha.
    – People who abuse the term “help” when all they need is a pop bottle opened.

  7. haha i love the eeyore comment! i totally feel like that all the time.

    – lack of skytrain ettiquite in vancouver
    – being pushed around T&T market and not knowing if I can push back (white chick and all)
    – moms telling you “cute” stories about potty training or child barf moments
    – people telling you stories about baddly behaved “20-somethings” right in front of you at work
    – the way it became acceptable to “blackberry” “tweet” “txt”, etc in the middle of important meetings, conversations and lectures. (when did this become okay???)
    – no one knowing the value of asthetics in the business world

  8. -they’re their and there…two too and to..alot and a lot. I don’t know why, but those mix ups drive me absolutely insane as well!!!!
    -people who constantly back out of plans at the last minute
    -extremely tall people who budge directly infront of you at a concert
    -people who don’t say thank you when you hold the door for them (or any other polite gesture..which REALLY should just be standard practice)
    -weak handshakes

    hmm…I could go on and on hahaha :)

  9. – People on Commercial Street who think they can cross right infront of your car at all/any points down the street; there are crosswalks for a reason!
    – People who invite themselves to your parties or gatherings
    – People who don’t say Thank You when you bring them a gift
    – People who spill beers and just watch them leak everywhere instead of cleaning them up
    – People who are not willing to help others
    – When you send someone an email asking a handful of questions and then only answer the first two instead of answering them ALL

    I clearly have a lot of issues with people, hahaha!

  10. I guess I could add my two cents worth…
    – “N” drivers who pass you going 20 over the speed limit…in town!
    – Customers yelling or giving clerks a hard time instead of being rational…must be full moon. That goes for all rude people I suppose

  11. *Having dinner with someone, in a group or one on one, who is constantly checking their blackberry and thinks this is an acceptable time to immerse in another conversation. That is rude.
    *Talking on the phone while driving – especially if I am a passenger in your car.
    *People that make plans with you but are never willing to travel and always want you to come to their neighbourhood.
    *People that break their plans with you because something better came along.

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  13. @ Keira-anne ~ Tyler is playing semantics, and if you want to be technical, my iTouch is a personal computer too 😀 When personal computing first arose, all that was around was IBM and as a result the word PC has become synonymous with most home computers; namely those that run Windoxs/Linux.

    Now, to be a pain in the ass; People who use one word when they meant another(evoke, not invoke :P), remember, I had your back up there 😀
    Also people who can’t drive, or choose to drive as though they are on a drug fueled bender.
    In car DVD players that are on all the time.
    People who think their car is a phone booth
    Drivers who do not think/know that the left lane is for PASSING ONLY!!!!
    Stupid people who don’t realize how lucky they are that they have children(and sometimes even pets), and as a result treat them badly.

    Along with everything everyone else wrote….. I’m realizing that I might be one angry puppy……

  14. When one of the people that doesn’t “know the difference between their, there, and they’re (this annoyance also applies to differences between your and you’re, as well as too, to and two)” is your boss, who is constantly sending you emails with these kinds of errors, it’s even more annoying.

  15. “people that don’t know the difference between their, there, and they’re (this annoyance also applies to differences between your and you’re, as well as too, to and two)”

    This drives me CRAZY. I actually have to stop myself from rudely pointing it out to people. I don’t think I could correct someone without having an “Are you stupid?” tone in my voice. I don’t want to be mean, but come on, how is it that 95% of the people I come across don’t know the proper use of these words.

  16. How about people who leave their carts right in the middle of the aisle while looking for something on the shelves or people who meet friends and take up the full width of the aisle having a deep conversation. At least move over to one side so that others can pass.

    Kat – I thought I was the only one who noticed that N and L drivers go like a bat in hell in the fast lane along Cliffe Avenue passing everyone else (and I’m usually 5 or 10 over the posted limit).

    Or the idiots who pass on the left, cut over in front of you and turn right at the next road.

    Or those that speed along the left lane when they really want to be in the right lane – always in a rush, always tempting fate that they don’t cause an accident when they cut back in. How much do you want 5 seconds to be worth – your life and maybe someone elses. – Slow down in town.

  17. People that see you coming down the sidewalk, but don’t make any effort to move over at all and bump you with their huge purse/grocery bag and hurt your hard/arm and don’t think at all to say anything (especially if it’s a couple holding hands, they always think they “own” the sidewalk and single people should move out of their way).

  18. While still on the tarmac…

    People who call everyone they know to tell them that their plane has landed. With very few variations, it almost always sounds like the following…

    “Hello… Hell… Helloooo… Oh hi… yeah we landed. Hello? Yeah. We LANDED. No… still waiting to taxi. Flew in from LGA (or insert any airport code here). Good. Good. Hello? HELLO. Yeah… I’ll call you when. Hello? I’ll all you when I get my bluggage. ”

    It’s not so much one person calling that bothers me, it’s that it becomes a choir of cell phone douchebags all calling with nothing to say except to confirm that they will be calling in 15 minutes when they get off the plane.

  19. -People talking super loud on the street at like 3 in the morning on a week night. Come on some of us have to sleep and work in the morning.

    -You’re stuck in a slow flowing traffic, the driver behind you changes lane only to cut in front of you immediately afterward. This gains him/her like 2 seconds? WTF!

  20. I don’t have much to add to your list but since you mentioned still having a problem with your bangs i thought I’d toss a few ideas for a remedy your way: a girlfriend of mine works at iDaburn Salon (her name is Robyn)
    The best solution I have is to book in for a blow out, you can feel out how a stylist is (ability, demeanor, knowledge base) without having to sacrifice getting a bad haircut. Also most reputable salons offer free bang/fringe trims so if you have a good service during the blowout and you feel confident with the stylist they could tidy up the issue you are having at that time.
    i hope that helps, i know what stress a bad haircut can cause.

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