With the summer months headed our way at warp speed, it should go without saying that we humans aren’t he only ones who suffer in the heat. Can you imagine enduring this heat all the while also wearing a fur coat? Though don’t even get me started on the idiocy of fur coats…

My Camera Loves Him

Yesterday a Saanich woman was outed to animal control by a passer-by after having left her small dog locked in her vehicle. The entire episode was caught by an A-Channel news camera. Upon returning to her car, the lady wildly waved a water bottle at the crew and said “see, I do have water here.

To this, the animal control officer replied, “Ma’am, dogs don’t know how to open and drink from water bottles.

Here are some personal thoughts and ideas on how you can keep your “fur baby” cool during the summer months:

  • First, leave your dog at home! If you’re out running errands, the last place your dog wants to be is in your hot, smelly car. Canines can sustain brain damage in as little as 20 minutes of intense heat. It is not worth the risk!
  • Many dogs and cats tend to shed around this time of year, but consider a trip to the groomer to help thin-out the thick undercoat.
  • Fans! Dogs enjoy sticking their heads out of the windows of moving cars while their tongues flop to the side. Let your pup do this in a safe manner with a home fan or two.
  • Even though shade can get warm on some of the hottest days, a patch of cool grass in the shade can be a welcome respite for your animal.
  • Lots of fresh water, water, water… need I say more?
  • While your pet doesn’t need to be cleansed more often than is necessary (their skin can dry out easily), a quick rinse in the tub will cool their body temperature from ears to paws.
  • Consider a cooling humidifier for air quality. Hot days equal dry air and smaller animals (Jordy included) can be susceptible to dry and irritated throats. As an alternative, keep your animal in the bathroom with you for the few minutes you shower – the moist air can work wonders!

UPDATE – Cesar Millan recently Tweeted this: “Dogs sweat thru the pads of their feet, but their primary way to keep cool is panting. Overheated dogs drool excessively.

Have any other ideas? Share them in the comments! And while you’re at it, wish a big happy birthday to Danielle‘s other half!

Jordy, Charley and myself are participating in this year’s BC-SPCA Paws For A Cause. Click here to read more about my personal fund-raising effort. If you would like to donate, hop on over to my personal campaign page. Many thanks for your generosity!

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5 Comments on “HOT DOG!

  1. Just a quick note on the Summer Dresses, Plum has some amazing summer dresses out and on sale! I own quite a few and they are why I am surving this heat. They have some Maxi dresses as well!

    My parents house gets super hot in the summer, and with Benji’s big fur coat we would take him down to the basement during the middle of the day where it was nice and crisp and cool. He sleeps down there all the time now, and to be honest, sometimes I wish I could too!

  2. Happy Birthday Mr Ciavarro!
    I bet Jordy appreciates the fan just like Charley does. Good luck in finding that cool and breezy new summer dress! xo

  3. my poor little pups are really suffering in this heat – I’ve got fans in front of their crates and they are definitely taking a trip to the groomer this weekend.

  4. We have about 4 fans going in my apartment. An old three story building…never fun on a summer day or night. Our cat just lies by our balcony door and gets a breeze that way. I was just at Kits and almost went in the water as I was so hot…but yeah, the water is too cold right now.

    Lots of cute dresses out there. I just bought two casual ones at Billabong last week.

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