I’ve been there and done that. I’ve tried a whole gamut of different skin care products and, while I normally end up settling on Clinique, the seven-month itch has hit me again. Clinique is a great line, but I feel after several months’ use, my skin becomes immune to it and craves something new.

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In recent years I have, in fact, tried no less than the following:

  • Clinique
  • Aveeno (Never. Again.)
  • Neutrogena
  • Kiehl’s
  • Ren (Love this but it’s quite pricey…)
  • Noxema
  • Stella McCartney PURE

I’m sure there are more but I can’t recall. I’m overwhelmed by department stores at the best of time and really don’t know which direction to head in next. While I’m leaning towards trying Aveda, I’m hoping for some input.

The skin care line needs to leave my skin feeling fresh, ideally needs to be under $100 for a cleanser, toner and moisturizer and, most importantly, needs to be a line found on PETA‘s list of companies and products that do not test on animals. (You can check if your brand tests on our furry friends here.)

Okay ladies (and gentlemen)… the floor is yours. Tell me what you use.

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22 Comments on “WHAT’S A GIRL TO DO?

  1. Well, I’ve never been one to shop around much or even use much product. But, when I was last on maternity leave, Mary Kay came to me. Products are a little pricey, but it’s so convenient. They bring it to you, whenever you need it. No more overwhelming department store shopping trips. I’ve really enjoyed their stuff so far. And the nice thing is, if you want an intro to their products you can arrange a little party with friends (and then you earn free stuff too!!)! So, I’d suggest giving them a try, just for the fun of it. And yes, their on your PETA list of non-animal testers.

  2. well I’m totally NOT the person to ask. But there is one product which I would like to pass on. It’s called “BioOil”. I was introduced to it becasue it’s good for scar repair. Anyway… my face normally breaksout from anything – but it DOES NOT react badly to this at all. I’m in total shock.

    I use the stuff on my legs after a shave too – no razor burn. I use it on my face at night and I wake up with lovely refreshed skin.

    Try it! I want to know if it works so well for others too!

  3. I’m a Mary Kay fan, too. Their TimeWise line…the cleanser (which is 3-in-1, cleanser, toner, and mask) and moisturizer will cost you around $75. They have combination/oily and normal/dry and the TimeWise formula is made to reduce the look of aging! If you’re really set on having a toner, they also have the Classic Basic line that has that as well as some wonderful masks!

    Oh, and the lip mask and lip balm do wonders for lips!

    If you go to the Mary Kay Canada website, you can find a consultant near you.

  4. let me poke around at home. I just recently finished being a spa and beauty blogger, I’ve got lots of skin care products at home. I am currently digging the Roc line… there’s another one from canada whose name escapes me atm, but they’re canadian and awesome. (helps, right?) I think it’s Beauty glow… lemme check.

  5. Im wondering the same thing….Id like to find some more natural products. Have you been to the the LUSH store? I love their products.

  6. Earth Science. You can find it at most health food stores – I used to buy it at Capers when I lived in Van. Their face moisturizer with almond oil is a staple of mine, and they make toners and cleansers to compliment. I used Clinique’s Dramatically Different moisturizer and 3-step system for upwards of 10 years, but wanted a more natural routine a few years back and am a total Earth Science convert now. (Except when it’s bonus time at the Clinique counter – I mean, who can resist?)

  7. I really like some of Aveda’s products… And Neutrogena for the oil-free hypo-allergenic moisturizer/spf.

    I’d like to also give my thumbs up to BioOil — great moisture care, and it doesn’t make me break out.

  8. I have used many products throughout the years and always come back to Clinique. It leaves my face feeling it’s best and a wonderful base to apply makeup to. I remember the first day I used it, a random remark from a customer regarding how beautiful my skin looked… that cinched it.

  9. I was a Dramatically Different addict until I recently noticed my skin feeling dryer. I switched to Nivea and I’ve noticed good results. But I’ve also had good results with Aveeno, so maybe this means you should stay away from Nivea too.. so.. um, I’m no help.

    I’m looking for a good toner myself (I currently use Phytomer Rosee Visage but it’s too expensive for me), so I’m looking forward to seeing more comments on this entry! :)

  10. @Alissa – Well, I’m actually really intrigued to try Devon’s suggestion, Earth Science. I looked it up online and it’s all really reasonably priced (around $10-12 per item) and is made of natural ingredients without animal testing. I might give that a shot, so whatever I end up using, I’ll let you know!

  11. I use a neutrogena face wash, which I love and always have. I don’t use a toner – my skin just doesn’t seem to like them. I’ve tried many different kinds and it just feels weird. I switch the moisturizer I use, but lately I’ve been using Lancome Aqua Fusion. It’s definitely not cheap. But I guess they aren’t on your animal friendly list, so my suggestions are not too useful.

  12. I’m with Devon. I’m currently using the Earth Science Line which I like. They are well priced and don’t use toxic chemicals like the vast majority of more expensive department store lines or inexspensive drug store lines. Check out the following website for a list of ingredients to avoid in skin care and hair care products. The most common items to avoid are sodium laurel sulfates, propylene glycol, parabens, FD & C color pigements, etc. You’d be surprised how many products out there contain these carcinogens. You can find a lot of good products at Caper’s or Choices that don’t contain toxins that are well priced. Check out the following website for a list of toxic chemical to avoid in cosmetics, skincare and haircare products.


    The same goes for deodorants. Avoid anything that has aluminum in it.

  13. I will admit, I’ve been blessed with good skin. However maintaining it and keeping it healthy is obviously still important.

    I spent a year working at the Body Shop, and I fell in love with their skin care products. I currently use products from the Vitamin E & C lines. They also have great eye make-up remover and masks.

    I have a few ilike products. the yogurt power peel is great.

    I get complimented on my skin all the time. Today three people told me I had nice skin. :) I think this is the best accessory of all!

  14. I used to work at an Aveda concept salon and their products, although pricey, are great. I’m a big fan of their Outer Peace line. It’s designed for acne prone skin, but can be used to prevent any breakouts, or for normal skin as well. The foaming cleanser is thumbs up.

  15. Hello!!! I would suggest LUSH…they have the most amazing things there….try that and see, never have I ever had a problem….

  16. Both Lush and Body Shop use toxic chemicals in their formulas. You might want to check out the list of ingredients on a product you are considering. Then compare to the list of the toxic chemical website that I linked to in my earlier comment. Hope this info helps. I went down this road a few years ago when I decided to change what I was putting on my skin, etc.

  17. I like Marcelle facial milk and toner…it is very simple and keeps my skin happy. No weird chemicals to make it foam up or do something fancy…it just cleanses gently.

  18. Dermalogica is amazing! And my skin never gets tired of this. Put it this way – what do professional beauty therapists use when you get a facial in a spa/salon? No offense but they’re not using Mary Kay or Clinique

  19. I use Vichy and love it but i just checked to see how it rates with peta and it looks like there are mixed ideas on them, which probly means they arn’t being honest. :-( Saddness since its the first thing thats ever worked on my skin. I’ve tired everything. Good luck on your search.

  20. Liz Earle – not very well known here, but it is absolutely fantastic.

    The Brightening Treatment Mask is the *only* product I have ever used that does exactly what it says on the tin. Fabulous.

    In Canada you have to mail order it from the us website, but it is super efficient.

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