If you listen to the poets, they’ll tell you that a big, bad event in someone’s life changes them.
If you lose the woman you love or your legs,
You suddenly find a kind of beauty inside yourself.
That’s what they say – the poets.
The truth is, you don’t.
After a big, bad event, you only become more of the person you already were.
” – Augustus Hill

I firmly believe that the most drastic changes in a person’s life can only be brought about by the kind of catalyst that shakes you to your core. The kind that flips your life upside-down, inside-out, busted into bits and smashed together again. The one that charges into your life like a t-bone car accident, smacking into you from left field and catching you unaware.

When what you thought you knew has been stripped away, all you’re left with is a choice to make.

You can stay down, bleed from your wounds and let infections fester. The only other choice is to stand up – no, jump up – and start limping. Soon the limp turns into a stride, and that stride turns into a jog. The jog becomes a sprint and one day you stop for a moment, turn around and see the remnants as only a microscopic dot on the darkening horizon.

Desert Horizon

Original Photo: tj.blackwell on Flickr

I have found a kind of beauty inside myself, but it’s a beauty that was always there. That beauty lies in unearthing more of the person I already was and finding a sense of tranquility in it all. When you are confronted with the reality that your life will no longer be what you thought it would be, you can start to imagine what else it can be… what else it should be.

Sometimes I feel as though I would resent anyone that would try to run awry with what I have going for me right now. To realize that about myself and my wants feels so incredible – like busting through chains that seem to enslave even the best of us.

Sure, some changes will kick you when you’re down. But if you can find it in yourself to kick back, you just might meet who you really are.

Now that is what the poets should say.

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9 Comments on “IT’S WHAT THE POETS SAY

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  2. Someone also said that ‘if you try sometimes, you’ll find, you get what you need’. I think you will find that.

    The more open you are to enjoying life and not worry about what is around the corner, the more love will find you. it isn’t a matter of being complete without it, it is a matter of enjoying the things it brings you when it is real and unabstructed by baggage.

    A small insight…if a person is too complex, too in their head, keenly unaware of what is in front of them, generally they don’t have what it takes to give love at all, and at best it is a reasonable facsimille. As women we are taught to keep fighting, to nurture even when it robs us of what we need at the core. Learning that it should fill you up, not sap you takes time. Women still feel that voice deep down telling them they are not complete without a mate. Perhaps some is biological, i do feel we are built that way.

    We just should not be built to accept anyone who fills the role no matter the price we pay.

  3. this post definitely resonates with me – sometimes we get bogged down with the trivialities of life – the errors of today that will be nothing but a blip on the radar tomorrow. and we hardly give ourselves enough credit for our small accomplishments and the small gains we’ve made making ourselves into better humans.
    anyways, i enjoy your blog lady!

  4. So many people do things go to school and get married because they think that’s the norm and what should happen in life. Some people rush into relationships thinking they’ve found the one and then it doesn’t work out. Hopefully those people don’t get too discouraged because whether or not you marry or even find a soulmate or whatever you are never alone in life.

    They say relationships and love take work, but too much work can leave you wondering what the point is. People need to be okay with themselves before they can be okay with someone else.

  5. I remember that particular quote really struck a chord with me back when I watched the episode for the first time.

    Excellent post, Keira.

  6. Love your post…
    He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the world. – Marcus Aurelius

  7. I can’t even begin to detail now much backtracking and re-routing I’ve done throughout my life. At this point, it almost makes me wonder how many “grown-ups” predicted exactly where they are today years and years ago. Is it possible that life can be that ironed out? Plans and goals give us something to look forward to down the road, but it’s not often that we take the time acknowledge just how incredibly resilient, smart and intuitive we were during the journey itself.

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