This weekend marked me and Jordy’s first trip back to the Island together, including his first ride on public transit in his new carrier. He has done nothing short of amaze me all weekend. Not only did the travel time unfold seamlessly, but he has adapted to life at my mom and aunt’s house so well and has made fast friends with Charley – it’s clear that he’s comfortable here.

On Our Way...

Apart from being stuck in the steel-walled pet area, the trip was a lot of fun for us. The sea air, the sunshine and meeting new dog friends were all highlights for Jordy.

The Driftwood Mall is jumping on the sanitary bandwagon, offering patrons complimentary hand sanitizer upon arriving at the mall.

Local Comox Valley businesses are offering a Comox Glacier-clad reusable shopping bag – I have yet to get my mitts on one, but I’m planning on it during my next visit.

I swear I didn’t have a blizzy, Andrea! I’m waiting for next weekend, pre-pedis.

For Andrea

In the evening yesterday, my mom and I found ourselves at Avenue Bistro in Comox for dinner. Why tell you what I had when the menu can explain it even better?

Baked Hazelnut Crusted Comox Camembert with apple cranberry compote and baguette crustini

It wasn’t listed on the online menu, but Avenue Bistro was pouring Carbrea Vineyard‘s 2006 pinot noir. When my mom and I were on Hornby Island in the summer of 2007, I picked up a bottle; it’s still corked in my apartment, being saved for a special occasion.

Local Squash Ravioli with toasted walnuts, spinach, sautéed mushrooms and blue cheese butter

I tried so hard not to be tempted by dessert, but when I found out that this was on the menu, I could no longer resist:

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream and raspberry coulis

The weatherman failed big time in his forecast for the weekend… 9 degrees and overcast with rain turned out to be 20+ degrees, sunshine and blue skies. After spending the morning at the Art & Bloom Festival (more about that later), we scooped up Jordy and Charley and headed for Miracle Beach.

The tide was out far enough that we could dig our toes and paws into the soft sand and wading pools.

John Mayer's Girlfriend

This dog is so much like his mama… Jordy loves the Island, the ocean and the simple life.

My Shadow And Me

We Stripped

I guess it comes as no surprise that both Jordy and Charley are completley exhausted and fast asleep in the family room as I type this.


Even after such a long day, nothing was going to stop me from dragging out our patio furniture for the summer and BBQing up a bundle of veggie dogs for dinner. Obviously I washed them down with Diet Pepsi.

Tuckered Out

Our family home is truly one of the most beautiful, comfortable and peaceful places that I love being at most…

No white noise, no traffic, no noise neighbours… just chirping birds. Literally – just chirping birds.

Tomorrow we’re headed back to the city for a quick, four-day work week before another weekend to look forward to. Lucky me gets to stop in Coombs en route to pick up a few loaves of their fantastic four-cheese rosemary bread and, of course, more Island Farms ice cream.

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5 Comments on “MAY LONG WEEKEND 2009

  1. It truly was a beautiful day all around…Charley and I will miss you and Jordy.

  2. Sounds fantastic, Dreamy even!! I love the photo’s of Charley and Jordie in the backseat of the car, they’re just like old buddies. That ravioli sounds amazing too!


  3. Sounds like a weekend of pure perfection! I love the photos- so many wonderful shots! I’m going to have to check out Avenue Bistro next time I’m on the Island!

  4. I was in vic this weekend and woke up to the sound of chirping birds. Twas nice!

  5. Hahahaha, I love the first picture of Jordy and Charley in the car. Looks like they’re sharing a joke.

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