When I was a teenager, I spent all my May long weekends camping in Parksville. Between swimming at the beach, roasting marshmallows around the campfire and trying my hand at mini golf, there was always something fun to do.

Parksville Beach Sign

Photo: City of Parksville

Times have changed and though I no longer find myself camping in the springtime, the long weekend is a perfect excuse (like I ever need one) to get back to Vancouver Island.

Many Masts
Photo: DragonWoman on Flickr

The weather forecast is a bit less than favourable, but I’m hoping to get a lot of fun packed into those three days.

Aside from spending quality time with my aunt and introducing Jordy to his new “cousin” Charley for the first time, my mom and I are looking forward to a scrumptious dinner at Avenue Bistro in the seaside town of Comox. However, I can’t decide between the Baked Hazelnut-crusted Comox Camembert with apple cranberry compote or the Vegetarian Meze Plate with hummus, baba ghanouj and more delectable goodies.

I think it goes without saying that we’ll be feasting on some Island Farms ice cream for dessert. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for banana fudge to be in stock!

If you happen to be on the upper Island this weekend, be sure not to miss the annual Art and Bloom Festival at Woodland Gardens in Merville. My mom and I went last year and thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful scenery mingled with beautiful crafts from local artisans.

Follow the Leader

And the best part? It’s a dog-friendly location, so Jordy and Charley will be tagging along as well! Hopefully that sun will hang on long enough to allow the four of us a trip to Miracle Beach‘s off-leash beach to let the monkeys burn off some energy on the sand…

What do you have planned for the long weekend?

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  1. Agh, your pictures make me want to get out and do some camping, unfortunately all the sites are booked up. Seems like a good weekend for BBQ, firepits and booze.

  2. mini-golfing in Parksville is one! (fingers crossed for some sunshine)

  3. makes me want to go to parksville. great post! you and jordy have a grand time. hope the weather holds up.

  4. Relax!

    Maybe some reading, some Lindsay-time and biking around the city. Weather pending of course. Enjoy the Island Keira!

  5. yes i definitely enjoy a weekend of mini golf, camping in parksville i always used to park there and i love strolling the beach unfortuantely i won’t be there for this long weekend but july long weekend is just around the corner and i will make up for it for two years of missing out lol have fun this weekend

  6. I have no plans, but I just realized that Monday I could go for a hike. Maybe I will!

  7. Kingston is losing it’s only dog-friendly park, I thought of you and wondered maybe Kiera-Anne could save the day! I’m sure they’ll make another one but it’s sad, the poor dogs need to run around without worry in the city too.

    I plan on working and taking my parents dog Diana for a good romp in the woods soon, if there’s time. She’s getting a belly that she doesn’t need. 😉

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