I thought that sitting down to write a Mother’s Day post would be incredibly easy, but what am I supposed to say that my mom doesn’t already know in her heart?

It’s been the biggest and most important job for the majority of her life. 28 and 25 years ago, my mother gave birth to myself and my brother, respectively. It was something more than apparent that she has always been destined for.


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It’s not lost on me that there are countless people around the world who won’t celebrate today because their relationships with their mothers are all but existent. I have been so blessed with a mother who is gracious, kind, others-focused, loving, gentle, understanding, beautiful, generous, hard-working and always full of hope.

Mommy and Me

My mother is more than just my mom but my friend also. She is someone I look forward to spending time with, to talking with and to sharing with.

I don’t need one day in May to celebrate her because I love my mother every single day – something she knows all too well. There is, however, one thing I may not say as often as I should…

“Thank you for being the best mother, woman and beacon for me that you can. You are far more wonderful than you will ever realize.”

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4 Comments on “O’ LUCKY GIRL

  1. Thank you Sunshine…I love you too. It’s easier being a mom when your children are so wonderful! You and Trevor are the best thing in my life.

  2. aaww, that made me cry…I hope my daughter and I have a relationship like that too…

  3. Is it just me or in the first pic does ur mom look a lot like Melanie Griffith-Meg Ryan mix?

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