I couldn’t leave BC, let alone the West Coast,” has always been my response whenever someone has asked me where I’d move if I could move anywhere. Except, however, that isn’t entirely true. Much like the Crocodile Dundee movies instilled an insatiable thirst for New York City in me from a young age, the same can be said of Southern California thanks to countless other movies from the 80s.

There’s something almost quaint about SoCal that I can’t quite put my manicured finger on…

Bus-only lane, Broadway, Santa Monica

Photo: LA Wad on Flickr

Maybe it’s the idea of living in a town that begins with San or Santa or Los. Maybe it’s because I want to wear my flip flops to the Circle K in the evening for a slushy. Maybe I wish I could have written my SATs… just out of curiosity.

San Diego Style
Photo: Bisayan lady on Flickr

I think there was something about the adolescences of Brad and Stacy, of Bill and Ted, of Hannah Nefler and so many more that I have always found enviable. Don’t get me wrong because growing up in Comox was an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything, but it’s California. CALIFORNIA! (“Califorrrrrrnia“)

Bay Market Venice Beach California
Photo: www.YoVenice.com on Flickr

I won’t lie… there are moments I feel like packing up, blindly heading south and setting up a new life amongst the palm trees and sunshine and bikinis and rollerskates and starry eyes and Spanish deco-inspired neighbourhoods. Oops… make that “neighborhoods,” right?

I think Jordy and I would fit in just fine down there…

(Plus, it appears the Bay Market sells ice cream!)

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  1. Buster, myself & the rest of SoCal are ready to help you with your boxes…

    The part of SoCal that you love but “…can’t quite put your manicured finger on” is you…being here.

    plus, dude, we need more canadian influence here :)

  2. I can see the desire…all throughout the years, the movies, tv shows, Disneyland, Hollywood, surfing, palm trees, sunshine…and you can very easily be a “California Blonde”!

  3. If you ever get there you won’t be able to leave, it is an amazing place !!!!

  4. hmmm, yes I can picture a day in the life of Keira and Jordy in Caaaliiiffooorniiaaaa right now. It does seem to make pretty good sense! Oh the fun we could get up to…

  5. It’s funny how all the sunshine and beaches affect a person… I’m all about the East Coast, but spending a week in Mexico made me want to pack up and move forever.

  6. haha. Looks like you’ve got a good network down there to welcome you with open arms!
    Of all the SoCal cities, I’ve spent time in LA and Santa Barbara. The air just smells and feels different there. The heat mixed with the salty smell of the ocean almost felt like a different planet. It’s also hustle-y and bustle-y in a very comfortable way.

    I can see you there too.

    I’ve always thought of what my life would be like there too, especially since taking my road trip along the coast. I decided I’d want to live in a tiny house near to the ocean with a seashell windchime hanging outside my front door and a palm tree on my front lawn. Then, I’d make my living selling ice cream in a hut on the beach.

    If you make it – I’m coming to visit …

    every month.

  7. Just got back from Santa Barbara. My sister recently married and moved down there. Lovely place. It’s like what kits wishes it could be. Weather averages 68 degrees year round and it’s a
    Dry heat with a constant and perfect ocean breeze. Downside is the wild fires however. Two days before we left a fire started in the foothills. It has now developed into a
    3500 acre blaze. My sister may have lost her apartment and her inlaws may also have lost their entire estate. It really saddens me as they are all such wonderful people and I spent a great deal of time at their lovely home and around their pool. I guess there’s always a price to pay for everything on life. At least in BC we don’t have to worry about our homes burning down
    every year!

  8. when I was in Venice in March there wasn’t an hour that passed where I didn’t think “why don’t I live here? why doesn’t everyone live here?”
    still haven’t answered that question yet either.

  9. If I could live anywhere in the states, northern california would be for me. I love san francisco. I can definitely see the attraction of SoCal, though.

    In response to the above comment, I know a guy born in Venice whose family has lived there for generations, and he cites the gradual emptying of the city, displacing citizens with hotels for tourists, as the reason he probably won’t live there in the future. Venice is one city where knowing the right people is like opening a magic door to all kinds of places and experiences you’d never have (or be able to afford) otherwise. I think it’s a beautiful, magical place, but not a place where it’s easy to live for real, in fact, unless you’re fabulously wealthy and don’t mind hordes of tourists.

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