I like my boots.

I wear them a lot.

I also love my UGGs.


I also wear them a lot. I have two pairs.

Les Babes

I am pretty sure that Long Beach sand is still stuck in my brown ones.

Ever since I decided to switch to a vegetarian diet and an animal product-free lifestyle several weeks ago, I’ve received many joking nudges from friends. “Sooo… what are you going to do with those boots now?

I can’t change what I did/bought/said in the past. I can only change what I do from now on. I’m not going to chuck all my boots in the garbage and I’m not going to give them away either. So don’t ask.

Go buy some of these when they’re available instead. I am pretty sure I will.

P.S. Remember this chicken? Epic failure, Wings.


P.S. Look who’s on Twitter now!

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5 Comments on “SO THIS IS THE DEAL

  1. That’s just silly to chuck things from your past, life is about change and growth, not about erasing the past – just movin’ on and lovin new things in life! Happy days darlin!

  2. Ugh…that wing really was sick, wasn’t it?! At least the drinks were good that night :)

  3. Good gracious, that’s a chicken wing? It looks like something that was just removed from a human’s body during exploratory surgery.

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