After spending my days at work and away from Jordy during the week, I was super pumped for the weekend. I had a whole lot of plans to do nothing, but it seems to me that Blizzards with Andrea are becoming a tradition. Good thing I signed up for the Blizzard Fan Club.

Blizzard Time

After a full-on grocery shopping trip Friday night, I tackled my kitchen on Saturday evening and whipped up some coconut curry vegetable soup with pan-fried tofu.

I found the recipe here.

There are large misconceptions about tofu. Buying a package is no different than buying a package of raw chicken… it’s all in the preparation.

Sizzle it in the pan with a bit of olive oil, soy sauce and minced garlic and you’ve got yourself a yummy topping for the soup. And like it or not, cilantro is the true cherry on top.

Coconut Curry Vegetable Soup with Pan-Fried Tofu

I decided to devote Sunday to Jordy and me, so I wasn’t leaving him alone for a second. I thought his first trip to the off-leash shores at Sunset Beach would be the perfect way to take in the day.

Unlucky for him, however, he had to wait until Mommy got ready before heading out the door.

Jordy took to the beach like a fish to water. While I half expected him to cling to my side, he was happy to roam, sniff and interact with the other dogs that were enjoying surf and sunshine.

I am pretty sure this is going to become a regular spot for us this summer.

"I could get used to this..."

Tania‘s boy, George, was certainly intrigued by the waves until they decided to turn on him. He came scooting right back!

Georgie Bum

True Love

It’s true love.

Beach Buds

A romp in the sand requires a warm bath. I grabbed some “Mango Tango” scented shampoo for Jordy, but despite the fruity fun, having a bath was his least favourite part of the day.

I grabbed a few presents for myself also.

Presents For Me

I think the new squeaky toy I got for Jordy more than made up for bath time.

I think I’ll spend the rest of today pretending that tomorrow isn’t Monday.

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  1. he’s really photogenic. like every shot is a glamour shot or something. aw.

  2. Awww…Jordy and George…fast friends just like their mommies. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend and you have to make that soup when you come home!

  3. That soup looks so good. I need some new ideas. And Jordy is cute as always.

  4. My little girlies and two favourite doggies on the beach. I’m inviting myself along next time. Too bad Marshall and Otis would be in such shock if I brought them along with me, I’d have to resuscitate them with cat nip. I’ll also trade you my yummy plantain and sautéed tomatoes side-dish for a sip of your soup.

  5. I LOVE tofu and don’t have to prepare it much to be very happy to ingest it, but I’ll try that “Perfect Tofu” preparation and the curry soup. You have great taste!

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