I think my separation anxiety is greater than Jordy’s because I can’t bear to be away from this guy for too long. He always makes me laugh and smile. And, like all dogs, he definitely loves his toys…

The more I look at Jordy, the more I think he’s a pomeranian crossed with a shiba inu. His ears and his facial structure are very un-pomeranian, and he weighs 11.5 pounds whereas the average pomeranian weighs between 4 and 5. Any thoughts?

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15 Comments on “HE KNOWS HE’S CUTE

  1. Cute dog! I agree though, his face is un-Pomeranian. Not sure what he could be mixed with though. I know Pom’s are supposed to be small, but my two are 10lbs and 15lbs each! They must make ’em good here in BC. Rescued dogs are the best!

  2. Ahhh he is so cute I can’t handle it!!! He makes me want to get a puppy even more then I already want to.

    Also, after spending more hours then I would like to count watching that live feed of those shiba inu puppies I would have to agree with you. He does look like a cross between the two!

  3. I got a good little chuckle from this video. He is really cute:) I can see how he makes you smile….hows he doing in the daytime when you are at work?

  4. Sophie went “awwww!” when we watched the movie. :)
    Wow, 11 lbs! I think you might be right that he’s part shiba. The ‘white eyeliner’ is so cute. Awesome! I always wanted to know what a shiba-pom looked like! He is super precious!

  5. Ruthie and I loved that little peek into the life of Jordy! soooo cute! I love the way he’s always grinning :)

  6. I just dog/baby – talked at the computer… wow haha. He’s SO cute!

  7. Your puppy’s face looks like my pomeranian. (although mine is much smaller). When I played your video mine went crazy for the toy!

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