It’s always a thrill for me to show off my hometown to friends – especially friends who have never had much of a chance to explore all the beauty the Comox Valley has to offer. After a hearty afternoon breakfast at Smitty’s Family Restaurant, Rebecca and I made our way into a very deserted Filberg Park.

The vibe and ambience is completely different on a cloudy April afternoon as opposed to in the heat of summer during the Filberg Festival.

It’s quiet and peaceful, a literal paradise of lush greens, chirping birds and willful beams of sunlight.

A family of deer decided to emerge from the bushes and spend a few moments with us.

Keira In The Mist
Photo: miss604 on Flickr

One place may people overlook is Cumberland, so that was the next stop on our itinerary. It has long been given a bum rap, but in truth, it’s the heart of the Comox Valley. Cumberland was once alive and bustling as an incredibly rich coal-mining community around the turn of the century, and at one time boasted the biggest Chinatown in North America, second only to San Francisco.

The streets of Cumberland are peppered with a mix of generations-old pubs, quaint shops stocked with bizarre offerings as well as fantastically fresh and local organic foods at the year-old Seeds Natural Food Market [website].

Say hello to your little friend, Rebecca..

After a quick stop at Hot Chocolates [website] for fresh, in-store made gelato, we picked up my mom and headed to Atlas Cafe [website] for smooth-drinking martinis and to-die-for baked enchiladas stuffed full of corn, beans, mixed greens, roasted sweet chili yam, bell peppers, mozzarella, tomato sauce, chipotle sour cream and fire cracker rice. My tongue is still dancing…

There’s never enough time because I can think of at least 100 other places I’d love to show her, so I suppose that only means Rebecca will have to come back again (hopefully sooner than later). Except next time, of course, our duo will be a trio.

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  1. Really love all your photos, especially the deer. I get so excited when I see deer while driving in the car but there’s never a chance to take a picture.

  2. What a great blog! I hear ya about not ever having enough time to show off the Valley and surrounding areas. There is so much to see!! I miss it now and want to go back and visit:(

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