The times my family visited Vancouver when I was a little girl, I was constantly in awe. The buildings, the glass, the concrete, the sounds, the smells, the people. It was all so entirely different from my quiet life in the Comox Valley and constantly offered endless excitement.

My World View

When I finally moved to downtown Vancouver just shy of five years ago, I was completely stoked! Everything I’d wanted since I was a little girl was finally mine, and it felt like an adventure had started. After two years, however, something changed. I started to feel resentment and annoyance at a City so seemingly drowning within itself. I wanted desperately to move, and once again started dreaming of a life back in the Comox Valley.

Spa With A View

It seems that the tides have turned once again. Between a new apartment that I love so much I could eat it up with a spoon, a great job that I actually (for the most part) enjoy and one fantastic, loving, cuddlebug of a monkey coming to live with me in his forever home in just two more sleeps, I am falling in love again.

In truth, I have so many fantastic memories and opportunities that have been cultivated on Vancouver’s streets and beaches. The friends that have come into my life constantly amaze me. I have a new peace about my situation, about where I’m at and, most importantly, where I’m supposed to be. And right now, that place is absolutely right where I am.

In honour of my revived love affair, a photo essay of some of my favourite places, times and friends in and around Vancouver…

Evening (D)Light

Becky, John

Amy, Kay

1, 2, 3, 4...

Colours Of The City

Muff Prize

West End

Friends like to eat.

Mighty Miss604

Hot Hot Pink

The Raven and the First Men

Friendly Conversation

Cherry Blossom

Ryan + Me = Hot Brunch

Positively Giddy


We Love

True West Coast Girls


"Playland - Whoop Whoop!"

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  1. Many many great memories! I’m very excited to make some more great ones with Jordy! Here’s hoping he and Peanut get along!

  2. Nice post. I’ve gone through a similar transformation of opinions of Vancouver, although on a smaller scale because it’s still so new to me. Each of the places where our roots penetrate the ground are so different from this often enthralling, busy, exciting, Vancopolis. I dream of life back at home sometimes, and it’s probably just part of the whole process of starting a new life and reinventing yourself. Back is a safe, familiar path; forward could be absolutely anything.

  3. drunk eyes!
    I’m so excited for you!
    what about some evening next week, a walksie? or even if you come home to take him out on your lunch!

  4. I feel the same way since moving by the beach! 2 more sleeps until Jordy-day, I’m soooo excited!

    P.S. Great day, bad pic of me :)

  5. I go in cycles with my love-hate for Vancouver. Some days, I completely love this city. Mountain biking to hiking to downtown patio cruising – all in one day. On the gloomy days, this city gets the best of me and kills my buzz. Your photos made me look forward to something solid: Vancouver summer!

    Looking forward to many beach days with you and BURROWS! and Jordy (and veggie dogs). It’s going to be great. 😀

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