Remember that time, in February of 2008, when Rebecca and I boarded a ferry for the Island and hit the slopes of Mount Washington for the weekend?

The Girls

One of the most fun parts of that trip was making each other laugh over reader questions during our first ever podcast. Since then, we’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing Hanson via podcast, and now we’re ready to do it again! With her husband out of town on a guys’ weekend, Rebecca is tagging along with me to the Comox Valley for some sunny days before we pick Jordy up at his foster home.

This can be a really fun way to get to know each of us in a bit of a different way. Politics? Love? Movies? Sex? Music? Embarrassing childhood moments?

Here’s where you come in… since we had so much fun being “interviewed” by our readers last time, we’re turning on the mic to answer your questions once again. Got a burning question you’re dying to ask either of us? Anything goes (pretty much), so leave your question in the comments and tune in once the podcast is up to have your answer magically revealed!

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  1. Why was I so shy/untalkative when I saw you in BC? :(

    Okay kidding here is a real question: ever lived anywhere besides Vancouver? And would you want to move out of Van ever?

  2. If you could relive one day over again (without changing anything in it), what day would it be and why? Bonus question: if you could relive one day over and CHANGE it, what would it be?

  3. Two questions:

    You both take a lot of photos, what are some of your favourite places to do photo walks around Vancouver? And not necessarily parks.

    What is one book of fiction that you really enjoyed or helped shape you in your teenage years?

  4. Keira: Seth is standing in front of one elevator, Chris is standing in front of the other, you’re standing in the middle. The doors open at the same time … Seth says something awkwardly funny and adorable and invites you to ride with him, Chris takes off his shirt, licks his lips and then invites you to ride with him. Who do you ride with and what kind of elevator music is playing?

  5. Both: How many times have you said “I Love You” in the romantic way to someone else since, say, your early teens? Do you regret any of those instances? And how does each I Love You affect an I Love You in the future…or say…the final I Love You (i.e. the one you spend forever with)?

  6. Aw man! How can I possibly top Andrea’s question?!?! I’m ROFL’ing over here!

    Okay, here’s one:

    If you had four hours to show someone the best Vancouver has to offer, where would you take them? I *might* be asking because I’m facing this concern next week …

    Oh, and another (I think this one always says a lot about the respondant):

    If you were going to be deserted somewhere and could only bring *ONE* album with you to listen to for perhaps the rest of your life, which would it be? No ‘Best of’ or ‘Compliation’ albums 😉

  7. What’s your morning routine like? In a race to get ready and fabulous in the morning, between you and Rebecca, who would win?

  8. If the situation arises, would you consider moving away from BC and settle in the Prairies or Eastern Canada?

    Other than Mt. Washington what’s your favourite place to go boarding/skiing in BC?

  9. Which work of fiction have you read more than once and what is your favorite novel?

  10. Do you ever see yourself moving back to the island, and will you convince that little blond of mine to do the same??

  11. Earth Day is April 22. I plan on decreasing my carbon footprint to some degree by turning off all major appliances in my home, cooking outdoors, and cleaning up our little part of the QE 2(the accumulated garbage is disgusting). How will you two contribute to Earth Day activities and reducing your carbon footprint? Is it more difficult to contribute when you live in a bustling metropolis? Last, but not least, How many Vancouverites take part in Earth day, and do you think they take Earth Day more seriously than other Canadian cities?
    Happy Weekend! I will be listening for your answers;)

  12. in words describe how you do your french manicure and any tips on how to curb nail biting? rebecca, how many hits do you get? hahah 😉

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