All that glorious sunshine that us Vancouverites have been blessed with since last week had disappeared in favour of clouds. I’m hopeful that it’s a minor blip in Mother Nature’s bigger picture, and am convinced that I’ll be wearing sandals, sunglasses and sunblock soon enough.

Rather than get down about the impending rain, I thought I’d entertain you all with my list of summer stuff I’m totally pumped about! Feel free to turn this into a meme or add your own list in the comments…

  • Trevor, Laura and Sienna moving back to Vancouver Island
  • Sunny walks with my dog – fingers crossed!
  • Countless beach days
  • BBQ’d hot dogs
  • Cold, luscious drinks on patios at sunset
  • Teeny, tiny bikinis
  • Photoshoots in teeny, tiny bikinis
  • A mother-daughter vacation at Middle Beach Lodge in Tofino
  • Peppermint chip frappuccinos from Starbucks
  • Smelling like coconut every single day
  • Ice cream
  • Filberg Festival
  • Showing a special lady how to catch a wave
  • A valid excuse to go for regular pedicures
  • Cold chardonnay on warm evenings
  • Visiting Coombs Market
  • New sun dresses
  • The 2009 SPCA Paws For A Cause fundraiser

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    9 Comments on “YOU SHOULD DO THIS TOO

    1. That could easily be my list…except of course any references to teeny tiny bikinis and catching waves!

    2. Where do you guys go for pedicures? I’ve never had one (weird, I know) and I’m now willing to spend it to have my feet look good. Suggestions?

      And oh yes on the fraps. I went to get one yesterday and had to go for a caramel instead.

    3. Pedi’s and sundresses…I can’t wait! Oh, and camping!

    4. so what you all enjoy as “summertime” is really springtime here in the melting landlock of souther california.

      spring seems to catch me by surprise each year with it’s “hey now” attitude and “butt slap” personality.

      at some point the cool kids transition from “north face” jackets to “hurley” board shorts.
      can we all agree to quit trying so damn hard?

      here’s my spring/summer wishlist:

      – BusterTheDog stretching his stuff at the new dog park
      – Cutting off this winter-grown-long-hair in favor of sexy-short-hair style.
      – Saying goodbye to the Chuck-Tees until next year and saying hello to a world filled with flip-flop lovin
      – Including “hey now” in my everyday converation…especially professionaly b/c sick people want their docs to be real people.

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