My alarm started to lull me out of sleep at 5:45 this morning. I proceeded to hit the snooze button for 25 minutes before actually getting up, but even in my dozed state, I was keenly aware of one thing. I’d slept quite solidly, but had a horrible sleep. The tightness and pain in my jaw told me that my teeth had been clenched like steel for most of the night, which will lead to an inevitable headache at some point today.

Mondays have a bad reputation for a reason. I’m sitting here in a silent office and wish to do nothing more than go home and go back to bed to try and have a relaxing sleep. Sometimes there are days where you just have to wave the white flag right from the start because it can be pretty simple to tell what kind of day you’re going to have. Today is, without a doubt, one of those days. My forehead’s starting to throb.

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4 Comments on “AWESOME. SWEET. NO, REALLY.

  1. I hear you on the jaw thing. I get TMJ bigtime.
    Try a couple of aspirin (not Tylenol), makes a huge difference.

  2. Take some aspirins and see if that helps. If not don’t be scared to call it the day and go home!

  3. I use a bite guard too. A heat wrap around your neck helps. Hope your day gets better.

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