I’ve spent four nights in my new apartment, and sometimes it feels like the last place I lived in never even existed. My tower in the West End was far too much like a college dorm and less like a home that I felt comfortable in. It seems likely that I’ll be in this new place for a few years, but had you asked me six months ago where I’d be today, this apartment would’ve been the furthest thing off my radar.

I finished unpacking the last of the boxes this afternoon, put a lot in storage and tried to organize it as simplistically as I can. This place needs a few more touches like some fresh flowers, more books, another plant and some storage baskets for my wall unit, but I’ll get there. In the meantime, here’s a quick look…

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  1. I love that shleving unit – have it in white. The place looks great – like home already.

    But are all Vancouver apartments so small? Srsly, mine is just as tiny.

  2. aw that’s a really nice place. i just got an apartment too, but for next year and i’m soooo excited.

  3. Very nice. I envy you your efficiency. Any move i’ve ever made invariably involved months of painting, floor refinishing, and boxes still unpacked a year down the line, and you did this in a week. I need to reevaluate my system. That’s a great shower curtain.

  4. love your place. where did you get your shower curtain? i must have it!

  5. I can’t remember who makes the shower curtain but I got it at a specialty bed-and-bath shop.

  6. Washer and dryer…sigh, I’m so jealous. Going to the basement and doing laundry at my building kills me.

    Nice place!

  7. You are amazingly efficient! I don’t know anyone that can move in to a new place and look so settled so soon! That shower curtain is AMAZING. If it’s fabric I hope you invested the $2.00 in a shower curtain liner so it looks just as beautiful a year from now. Your new furniture is so nice & simple. Love it!
    P.s.Your lucky bamboo is insane!

  8. @Amber – I actually invested $15 in a fabric liner because it’s better for the environment (rather than chucking plastic) and therefore can be re-washed over and over again.

  9. It’s awesome!!! So much light, and I love your crisp, clean decor! And a washer/dryer in your own place!!!!! I would so love that!!!

  10. Keira, you’ve done a wonderful job decorating your new place! I’m jealous of your little balcony, I don’t have one of those! Maybe we’ll run into each other in the elevator sometime. =)

  11. @John Bollwitt – Yes, in-suite laundry and getting a dog were two of my definite non-negotiables.

  12. I’d buy you a fresh bouquet of flowers if I was in Van. Love the whole clean look. xo

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