I can’t even begin to find enough adequate words to describe the kind of pain my back is in right now. All afternoon I hauled boxes, bags and furniture with Rebecca, Tania and Angie. Somehow we managed to load up my entire life in three pick-up truck loads and haul them across town. And now, I’m “home.”

Red Racer

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I don’t have on ounce of regret in leaving the apartment I lived in for so many years. It was time for a change and time for something new, and this new place is lovely, Hubbell. There is a sea of boxes around me, but I’ve managed to set up my bed with clean sheets (albeit low-down in hopes of bringing a dog home soon), my new couch, new Ikea furniture and new TV.

Tomorrow I’ve decided to take another day off work to tackle all my belongings and put them in their spots. I have a sneaking suspicion that another trip to Ikea will be very necessary soon. I’m someone who hates to have too much out of order, so the sooner I can unpack, the better. And besides, my darling Ashley is coming to spend a wonderfully gin-tastic weekend with me, so this place need to be presentable.

Another huge, huge thank you to my ladies for all their help today. Beer and pizza isn’t much to show my gratitude, but when it’s your turn, “I’m there for you, babes.

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10 Comments on “NEW HOME, DAY 1

  1. I am so glad you are all moved in with your new furniture. I can’t wait to see it all set up so make sure those pics are up as soon as that’s done!

  2. I just started reading your blog a few days ago, but I had to comment today because I experienced much the same pains of moving yesterday as you did. Brutal! I also bribed my friends with beer and pizza. Cheers to new beginnings. Love your blogging!

  3. Anything for you :) Betcha can’t wait to C.M. on that widescreen!

  4. Hooray! Enjoy your day off from work – looking forward to catching up again a la Gtalk tomorrow. Oh, and seeing your new abode! 😀

  5. Hey, if you’re not doing anything on May 31, you should plan a trip to Seattle. I hear there’s this chick called Jenny Lewis playing at The Showbox that night.

  6. Gin-tastic it will be!! I can’t even put into WORDS how excited I am to dance around in your new appartment! Tomorrow!

  7. Let’s see some pics. If you have a washer/dryer I’m jealous.

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