Today is Raymi’s birthday.

She is there and I am here.

Big sigh and little tear.

Happy two-six, Raymi. ♥


P.S. I need your help! So much about my move tomorrow has fallen into place beautifully, except this: I have all these wooden-framed Ikea mirrors stuck to my concrete walls with double-sided tape and can’t get them off for the life of me. It’s ridiculous. I tried using a blowdryer to heat the tape and it didn’t work either. I need a quick fix and fast! Doesn’t Mike Holmes read my blog?

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11 Comments on “LOOK AT HER GO!

  1. Nail-polish remover? Kosher salt and water? Those are my two guesses. Good luck getting that awful stuff off your walls and happy moving!


  2. @Jen I have some of that “goo gone” stuff to get the residue off my walls, but my problem is actually getting the frames themselves off. They won’t even budge! It’s like they’re crazy-glued to the wall.

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  4. If you can get something thin and metal behind it and wiggle it through the tape would work. Like a.. damn it i cant think of the name.. you use them for fixing small holes in drywall with mud. flat, come in different widths, can get them a paint stores or home depot…

    weird how it just escaped my mind…

  5. @tyler – spackel shovel? spackel something, i’m pretty sure.

    have you tried heat? hairdryers do some pretty amazing stuff.

  6. I like WD 40. Next to duct tape, my favorite tool. It works for all kinds of stuff. I recently used it to remove stubborn tape residue. If you spray it on one corner and then work that area with a putty knife in behind it may start a chain reaction loosening it.

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