I’m sitting in a sea of boxes and waiting for Wednesday’s move. It’s kind of weird to be sitting here doing nothing because the last four or five days have been seriously non-stop and nothing that I had planned on.

Friday night was the Juno Cup hockey game, pitting Canucks alumni against the rock stars. Lucky us got to pile onto the Gibson Guitars bus to be chauffeured to the event.

This bus is seriously insane… fully stocked with loads of junk food, autographed guitars, rock posters, leather seating, a baby grand and a wickedly sharp heater in the bathroom that I ended up sitting on, resulting in a heinous purple and blue bruise on my right butt cheek.

I put a serious dent into the jar of goldfish crackers.

I expected the arena at UBC to be packed out, but in truth, it wasn’t much of a game. The alumni were really just standing around and letting the musicians think they were playing. After the first period, we went back to the bus to eat more goldfish, drink more rye and watch Wedding Crashers until the game was over.

Thigh guitar.

Saturday night hotel dance party. Before the Gibson Guitars Juno party, we gyrated to Beyoncé and Britney.

I think Brad was okay with it all.

Gibson Guitars Juno party, Richard’s on Richards.


Mr. Twilight was at the party but wasn’t “doing pictures,” so no luck. Raymi and I went up to him to chat it up instead, but he had way too much attitude for someone that will probably be starring in American Pie 11 someday. I did manage to snap a creeper shot, so I’ll post that once Fil watermarks it for me.

Sometimes there’s nothing left to do but dance. So we did, and we did it a lot and we did it sweaty.

I have become obsessed with this song/video (it’s truly amazing) so I decided I’d completely rip her off and dress just like her. Tank knotted in the back.

Finally something mellow today. Us three ladies hit the hot tub, pool and sauna and kicked ourselves for not doing it days ago. I would’ve fallen asleep in the sauna if I could’ve.

And this is Elizabeth and Nick’s dog, Mitzie. She loves the taste of my nostrils.

Thanks for amazingly endless good times all weekend, Raymi, Fil and Brad. Vancouver’s gonna miss you but I’ll miss you more.

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  1. Glad you had such a fun packed four days. They seem like a great couple. Your next four or more days will be packed too…with a different kind of fun!

  2. Wow! What a fun time! I am jealous..that bus is wicked! by Mr Twilight, you do mean R.P? I have a friend who is highschool obsessed with him and anything twilight, and is actually going to Van this month just to hunt for him….Where was he playing? Richard’s on Richard’s??? You’re a lucky gal Keira!

  3. Um, could you be any hotter? Very nice work on the PCD outfit. You pulled it off to perfection.

  4. Awww man! Looks like a lot of fun. Too bad I was in Mexico and missed all the good times 😉

    I know that I’m defending someone I don’t know (yet have had sexual dreams about), but it must be really tiring to have people approach you all the time for photos and I’m sure that he just wanted to take a break from it all. It doesn’t make him arrogant, it makes him human in real life (and a vampire on the big screen). 😀

  5. It wasn’t his refusal of photos that caused us to think him arrogant – it was the way in which he talked to us.

  6. Thanks for sharing all your photos over your Juno weekend. You and raymi make a cute couple heh. Good to meet you yesterday even if for a short time, it’s always nice to meet the person behind the writing and photos. Good luck with your move!

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