It’s Fat Friday but I don’t know why. I mean, I know why I’m calling it Fat Friday, but I don’t know where the fat comes from. I could hardly squeeze into my jeans this morning. It was probably the chicken karaage.

Last night was Wednesday Part 2 plus more.


There was a lot of love going around. I think Raymi and Fil kinda like each other.

It’s Juno time and some band was playing on Granville Street. I don’t know who they were but it sounded like they were trying to play “Jai Ho.”

Rebecca got a new bag.

Bowling is fun so we did that. The guy who worked there told us to beware of the angry Irish man at the bowling alley, but I never saw him.

Three pairs.

Four pairs.

Forty toes.

Don’t you wish you knew?

I’m a tiny bit sad because we didn’t end up swimming in the pool or bobbing in the hot tub. But there’s always time, darlings… there’s always time. Plus, I’ll look radder (more rad?) in my bikini on Fat Friday than I would have yesterday.

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9 Comments on “FAT FRIDAY

  1. he was french! yes today is another day i can’t believe you got this up already. stealing some pics brah.

  2. Wweeee! This looks like too much fun… Can we have chicken karaage and fat friday together NEXT friday?

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  4. these are some great pics. i’m not sure i’ve ever seen such a smile on raymi.

  5. That looks bananas, what funness! Nice catalogue of memories you have started;) Have a smashing weekend diggin festivities kiddies. So fun to have long distance friends come visit, enjoy!

  6. Wow I don’t read blogs for 3 days and this is what I miss. A party in my own city. Looks like you guys had fun. It’s always strange seeing peoples blogs I read all hanging out together. Love it.

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