Last weekend I watched a film that has long been known as the “ultimate chick flick,” so it surprised me that I’d never seen it before Saturday night. Steel Magnolias seems to have most men running for the hills, but I was astonished at this movie. Our generation’s flock of actresses can hardly hold a torch to the women that dominated the screen decades ago. Shirley MacLaine and Olympia Dukakis had me in stitches!

I wanted to post this scene because it was unbelievably real while at the same time undeniably humourous. Whether you appreciate Sally Field or not, you cannot argue that her performance was pulled from a place so deeply authentic that we can all relate to it.

If you’ve never seen Steel Magnolias but plan to, be aware that this scene contains all kinds of spoilers.

I still need a few friends to help out for an hour or so this Sunday afternoon to move boxes from my apartment, down the elevator and into the basement. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m getting a tad desperate here.

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  1. Ultimate chick flick or not, it really is a great watch. Note: this is coming from a guy.

  2. Oh my goodness! Can’t believe you haven’t seen it, one of my faves – and yes, Shirley McLaine steals all her scenes. If you haven’t seen “Terms of Endearment” either, I suggest you rent it toute-suite – that movie made me a die-hard Shirley fan and is still in my top ten movies of all time!

  3. clearly, I need to see Steel Magnolias. Don’t think I ever have….What’s yr world look like re moving there chica? what’s my time and my task?

  4. We’ve never met, but I would help you. Problem is, I am all the way over here in Ontario.
    I hope those who you’ve helped, help you.

  5. I first saw this movie when I was 11 with my sisters and it is still constantly referenced in our daily conversations. I think I know it all by heart. This scene is brilliantly performed by Sally Field and continues to be one of my all time favorites.

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