Remember when Charley was just a puppy?

I’m sure Bumble tastes as good as it smells.

So much curious, unending, always forgiving, unconditional true love.

Today on the bus after work, another story of heartbreak. I overheard two women talking, one telling the other about her eight-year-old son. She hadn’t planned on children – ever – but got pregnant by the baby’s father within the first month she met him. She was already a single, successful, independent woman, but she married the man anyways. Three years into wedded bliss, she found out he had a vicious gambling habit and gambled away both her home in Vancouver and her home on the Sunshine Coast, her two paid-for vehicles and her $55,000 savings account. Now she’s two years divorced and boobs-deep in bankruptcy.

Yes, indeed… dogs will always be this woman’s best friend.

I still need a few friends to help out for an hour or so this Sunday afternoon to move boxes from my apartment, down the elevator and into the basement. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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4 Comments on “CHARLEY & ME

  1. Awww…..look how small Charley was in this photo! You two look beautiful together. xo

  2. You are much too fabulous to give up on men. Just don’t give up on birth control until you’re sure he’s the one.

  3. I lived that story re: gambling addict. He spent over 100K when all was said and done and then wanted the house in court (40K in legal fees later), and tried to file bankruptcy so his trustee could pay back his gambling debts he never disclosed.

    The worst part? Not that he spent the money, but that to this day, he denies it ever happened.

    Bitterness is not an option. I’ve wasted enough time.

  4. Great blog by the way. I believe some people just have an addictive personality whether it be drinking or gambling. I have a friend who lost his house by gambling tens of thousands on horse racing and also know 2 ladies who lost their RRSPs and savings by playing the slots. I asked them how they could let it go that far and they said they just couldn’t stop. They thought the big win was just the next race or the next pull of the slot. It can certainly destroy families.


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