Sit back in your chair, clear your mind and breathe deeply. Now ask yourself the following question:

Does anything in these three pictures appeal to me?


Photo: Conductive on Flickr

Photo: Jaako on Flickr

Hand Tossed Pepperoni Pizza
Photo: Aaron Landry on Flickr

That’s what I thought. I’ve spent all afternoon boxing up more of my life (and tossing other parts of my life) and will be moving out of this apartment in exactly one week. It’s a bit of a juggle as I have to move all my belongings out of my apartment and into storage in the basement on the 29th, and then move it all again into a truck on the 1st to set up my new apartment.

Here’s where your chance to score some good karma for yourself comes in…

Next Sunday afternoon, I need some strong arms to help me take a few loads down the elevator to get everything out of my apartment. I’ll be supplying ice cold Island Farms milk and my favourite cookies made of deliciousness from Capers on Robson – they’re to die for!

On Wednesday, April 1, I have a few happy helpers (Rebecca, Angie and Tania) to trek it all to the new place, but one or two more would be even better. There’ll be frosty bottles of beer and piping hot pizza once all’s said and done!

So throw your hand in the air, yell “oi!” and tell me you want to help.

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  1. gee… that table cloth behind the cookies looks really applealing…


    it all looks YUM YUM IN MY TUM and I wish I could be there – but alas if I were i’d be driving you nuts with my bossy tips on how to set up your new place :) I don’t think I’ll subject you to that.

  2. It just seems like it’s traditional for people to bribe others with cookies (good ol’cookies) and beer and pizza now. Best of luck with your move!

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