When I was 11 years old, my dad took me to my first concert. U2’s Zoo TV tour stopped off at BC Place for two chilly nights in early November that year. I remember the incredible flutter of nervousness in my stomach as we stepped off the Skytrain and made our way to the gates.

For longer than I can remember, U2’s music has had a profound, lasting and remarkable impact on my life. Somehow the majority of my key formative memories include their music, so it should come as no surprise to know that their records account for a significant chunk of my record collection.

I can’t stress how personally poetic it is that the band released their 12th studio album, No Line On the Horizon, on the day I began to pack up the last five years of my life. And believe me, the irony in the record’s title is not lost on me either. This record will be my soundtrack for 2009.

Living Space

The packing process will be swift and efficient. I plan on tossing a lot of the old to make room for what’s new (including this, this or this). That being said, here’s where I need a few good men… and women too.

On Monday, March 30th, all of my belongings need to be brought to my apartment’s basement to be stored for two nights. On Wednesday, April 1st, the lovely and gracious Rebecca has rented a big, badass pick-up truck to haul the few loads across to the other side of town. It would be superb to have two strong people help me on Monday evening and two more people to assist Rebecca and I on Wednesday afternoon. Can I lure you with the promise of delicious cookies and milk on Monday or beer and pizza on Wednesday?

The eyes have it.
C’mon… you’re not gonna let these two superbabes carry a big heavy bed all by their lonesome, are you? (Photo: Duane Storey on Flickr)

If you’re my friend and you know me and you want to help, pop me an e-mail. If I don’t know you, well, it would just be weird having a stranger help me move. And if you do know me and just don’t want to help, that’s actually okay because I know how much moving sucks, so I won’t take it personally. But I have cookies. And pizza. And beer.

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14 Comments on “I NEED YOU

  1. I, too, will be moving at the end of the month. I’m just wondering if you know of any good deals to rent said truck. That’s really all I need – in the past I’ve ended up with something bigger than I needed.

  2. You know I’m down, Charlie Brown!
    I have shifted my flex day so I can help you shift boxes.
    I like cookies, and pizza, and beer … and you! 😛

  3. Across town move huh? I wish you the best in your new place! New digs, new beginnings- wow, the thought of that brings a smile to my face. It will feel so nice t o shed some of your old beginnings and start a new. *excited for you*

    So, the other side of town? Where about will “home” be now?

  4. I wish both you & Loxy good luck on your moves. Last time I helped out a friend moving she thanked us with pizza and tons of beer. It was great. 😀

  5. moving = spring cleaning 2.0

    on mar 30, i’m moving to the west end into my first home i just bought. can’t wait for happy endings and new beginnings. much like yourself, i’ll be bringing in the new so anything that can’t fit into 1 car and 1 SUV will not be making the move with me.

  6. I believe the pickup has 4 seatbelts and it shall be returned before I fill up on moving-beer mmmm

  7. Angie-baby said she’d help us too, so it looks like only women have real muscles thus far. 😉

    So excited for you to “pick me up.”

    @Loxy – Rebecca scored this pick-up for us through her Zipcar membership, but you could probably get one at any car rental outlet.

  8. I’m voting on the second “this”

    Can’t wait to see your new place!

    I’d help if I was there… :(

  9. I would definitely help you in exchange of beer and pizza, too bad i don’t live in Canada!!!!!

  10. I can’t take the day off work on the Wednesday cause it’ll be my super crazy selling-season time so I’ll have showings…but I can definitely help you pack all of your belongings for the big move. I’m an excellent box packer.

    Let me know what I can do to help, my dear!

  11. Look at all the girls coming to the rescue….what’s happened with the guys?!

  12. I think the ZooTV tour was one of my favourite concerts of all time. It was my first year of university and the concert was at Maple Leaf Gardens. I was hoarse and deaf for days afterward, but it was worth it. Achtung Baby was definitely my most-played CD of those years.

    Good luck with your upcoming move. Just be extremely careful with the storage part of your plan. I have heard too many sad stories of people having everything they own stolen from their car/moving truck/storage locker.

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