I cut off my last lift pass from last season yesterday morning, only to realize that the last time I went snowboarding was March 23, 2008. Riding again was long overdue, so I grabbed my girl of 18 years, Rebecca, and headed to Mt. Washington.

This year’s been super warm and dry, so the snowpack took its sweet little time building up, but after seeing that nearly two feet of powder was dumped on the resort this week, I could resist no longer.

The Whiskey Jack chair was reserving its energy for last night’s speed dating event.

I thought that the clear, sunny day would equate to frozen snow in the morning, but all it meant for us was amazing, unobstructed views of the Georgia Straight (including Denman and Hornby Islands). From the minute my board touched the snow, it was nothing but soft white stuff and pockets of powder.

By the time noon hits, my body’s always ready for some rest. We headed into Fat Teddy’s Bar & Grill because a girl’s gotta have beer.

I cautiously ordered the enchilada (being that I make such wicked ones), but I was pleasantly very surprised. It was tasty and definitely spicy – just the way I like it!

(Plus, the caesar salad kinda kicked ass.)

Lucky me, I ran into Amy there at lunchtime. She told me she was up snowboarding for the day with a few buddies, but I’m pretty sure she was just trying to pick up hot men.

Half-way up the Eagle Chair, we discovered that the legendary “bra tree” exists. Check out the red cups on the branch. I don’t know of a single bra I own that I could or would part with for that sake.

Days on the hill always go by way too quickly, but beautiful pain of my muscles lasts for days. I’ve missed the smells and sounds and feeling of being on the hill, so here’s hoping I’ll get in a few more days before the snow melts and it’s time to don a bikini. (That right there is a whole other reason to break out my camera.)

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7 Comments on “BOYS, BOARDS AND BEER

  1. Awesome photos! Looks like it was just amazing up there yesterday!
    No riding for me this weekend…just 48 hours of checking out hot snowboarders walking by the DC Billy Mays kitchen, hehe. Oh, and lots and lots of beers up in Altitudes Bistro 😉

    I hope we get to ride together before the season is over!

  2. so envious of those conditions … and look, there’s that smile!
    definitely have to make it up to mt. washington sooner than later

  3. totally unrelated comment, yes, awesome photos i saw them on flickr i like that first one you used, very mysterious i couldn’t figure out exactly what was going on. so our media player is broke and stuff so we have to manually load in everything we want to listen to so we went with all the unknown albums with no song names so we’d be surprised and so we’d have a GOOD laugh and gold digger was on and i swear right as i read that my girl of 18 years bit Kayne sang the 18 years part. he is your man. SHZAMMMMMMMMM.

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