…but this song has been my only saving grace, and I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to it since yesterday. Thank you for sharing it with me, R.

Photo: chunter01 on Flickr

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9 Comments on “I HATE COVERS…

  1. running to stand still is my favorite song on the Joshua Tree album. I’m not a fan of cover’s either but this is a nice take.
    Scream without raising your voice……

  2. …mhhhh, hope u’r alright, too. everythings fine?
    i’m a little scared because of your unexpected silence…

  3. Keira-Anne,
    You haven’t written anything in a while now and some of us have become worried about you. I hope everything’s OK with you – if you can please drop us a quick note to let us k now.
    take care.

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