After a tough, teary week of work for Jen and a potential “Mexicoma” lurking in my future, Jenny and I decided that a day dedicated solely to making ourselves feel good was absolutely key. Kicking off the day with peppermint mochas and cranberry bliss bars from Starbucks was non-negotiable.

Mission No. 1: SPCA‘s Toy Drive for the Animals at the Vancouver shelter. Particularly at Christmas, every charity under the sun is in exceptional need of help. While all charities are worthwhile and important, it should be known that the SPCA receives zero funding from any level of government, including municipal. Local shelters are 100% reliant on the generosity of you and me. Jenny and I Skytrain’d it out to Superstore in an attempt to stretch our dollars.

Haul For The SPCA

We walked away with four boxes of milk bones, dog toys, cat toys, cat treats, bunny food, rodent food, hamster food, gerbil fluff and a few other items that our shelter desperately needs.

After leaving our donation with administration, I took Jenny to the kennel area for a quick tour. There, I met and fell in love with Buddy. His family moved and couldn’t take him with them, and it was apparent by his instant liking to me that he craved attention and affection.


We also met Max, a black lab who got the boot when baby no. 1 came along. Pardon my self-righteous rant, but when you have a dog, he or she is family and that’s not up for debate. When the going gets tough, the tough don’t get rid of their dog. Dogs are a lifelong commitment, and one that should not be taken lightly.

Of course we couldn’t leave without having our photo taken with Santa. He was a pervy Santa. “So have you girls been good this year or naughty?” After trying endlessly to convince us to sit on his lap, he threw in a “Wow…I can’t decide which of you girls smells better” for good measure.

We ran into John and Rebecca at the Broadway Skytrain station.

Following our SPCA adventure, we may have found ourselves at Holt Renfrew. Also, we may have taken advantage of their 40% off designer sale. That said, we may have walked away with some new Marc Jacobs goods. And a sale like that calls for celebratory manicures.

I opted for OPI’s “Siberian Nights.”

Jenny said “You Make Me Vroom.” I think she was talking to Mick Dundee.

Pretty nails!

The end to a fabulous day calls for delicious pinot noir. My red wine of choice? Firesteed from Oregon. Yum.

Oh and we also had Indian food. It was pretty much the worst frickin’ butter chicken I’ve had in my life. I hope to rectify that disappointment next weekend.

That’s it for now, folks. And now, back to Crocodile Dundee 2.

P.S. I just received an e-mail from the SPCA’s Vancouver shelter and found out that over $10,000 in cash and item donations was received this afternoon. I want to send out a huge thank you to all who helped out and contributed to this worthwhile cause. Buddy and all his friends are grateful!

7 Comments on “GOOD GIRLS GONE FAB

  1. After 3 months of living in the middle of nowhere, and now being home for Christmas…you not not understand how incredibly excited those Starbucks cups make me.

  2. I feel so much cooler now that I’m hip to Mick Dundee. Thank you.

    And yay for all the peeps who donated to the SPCA today! I still wish we could have brought Buddy home with us.

  3. You two really are good girls gone fab. Glad you had such a wonderful, satisfying day!

  4. I find it really hard walking through the SPCA and seeing all the vulnerable animal. I cant’ even watch the 1/2 hour show without crying and getting upset. So, you guys are brave.

    I want to venture out shopping today for a few things, but I also realize it’s Christmas shopping season, soooo…I might wait until tomorrow. hah. Was it busy yesterday?

  5. I completely agree … I don’t know how anyone could abandon their pet because of a life change. They’re not possessions – they’re living creatures with hearts. I could never…

  6. I don’t understand abusing or neglecting any animal. Nice post and great times…em the food looked great..

    Dorothy from grammology

  7. And getting rid of your dog because you’re moving away?! What kind of reason is that! Poor Buddy. :( It’s so wonderful that you gave him and his friends some Christmas cheer.

    Looks like it was an awesome day! Mmm, peppermint mochas!!

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