When I first heard that Jenny Lewis was playing in Seattle, I grabbed my other favourite Jenny and made a run for the border.

Every trip to the United States begins bright and early with breakfast at IHOP. Me, Jenny and my boots loaded up on a short stack with a side of some of the best bacon I’ve ever had.

With our bellies full, we headed southbound on I-5 with only Seattle as our destination.

I was beyond excited to be heading into Seattle for two reasons: 1) I hadn’t been down for a visit for, quite literally, years; and 2) Seattle holds a lot of history for me and my generation, being home to everything from Nirvana to Singles to Starbucks.

Our only hotel needs were sleeping and showering, so we wanted something decent but cheap. After fielding a few recommendations, we settled on the historic Moore Hotel. The building has been a landmark in “Emerald City” since 1907, and is full of charming rooms with a pre-war NYC flair.

With two narcissists under one roof, upgrading from a room to a suite was crucial. And at US$115, it was a deal we couldn’t turn down.

After check-in, we headed out into downtown Seattle and the Pike Place Market area to explore while we killed time before Jenny Lewis was to take the stage at the Showbox Theatre.

The last time we’d eaten was around 8:00 a.m., which after the afternoon we’d had walking around, seemed about three days ago. Hoping to recreate the amazing fish n’ chips experience we’d had in Tofino, we parked our butts at Lowell’s in the Market. Their claim-to-fame is “Almost Classy!” I beg to differ. I would instead say “Almost Tasty!”

Jenny Lewis’ show deserves its own blog post, so check back for that tomorrow. This morning, after a fantastic nine-hour sleep, Jenny and I headed back to Vancouver. Stopping at Alderwood Mall for a tasty treat from Hot Dog On A Stick is also somewhat of a must-do for me when I’m in the States, and Jenny had never tried it before.

We both decided on a large cherry lemonade (my favourite) and a traditional turkey meat hot dog on a stick. The HDOAS staff are notoriously friendly – at least at this location – and Anna was sweet enough to throw in a sample of their cheese on a stick. It tasted exactly like a grilled cheese sandwich – delicious!

My next trip to Seattle will not come soon enough! Check back later tomorrow for all the details and photos from my night in Heaven with Jenny Lewis. You can also check out Jenny’s blog post here.

15 Comments on ““ARE YOU GIRLS FROM SWEDEN?”

  1. Thanks for a perfect weekend- I had so much fun! I’m also totally craving another giant cup of cherry lemonade!

  2. Looks like you gals had a fabulous time!! I can’t think of anything more fun to do that grab my best pal and head somewhere far, for a show and an adventure!!

    The Showbox is an alright venue, isn’t it?

    Have you ever been to the EMP in Seattle? If you haven’t you must check it out- for any music fanatic it is pretty cool. The music culture that germinated in Seattle is well chronicled:)

  3. It looks like fun, cannot wait to try pout Seattle for meself. And whoever has the blue roxy bag – I have the exact same one,but the red/pink/yellow/orange version. I love that bag.

  4. I think Tony Pierce gives the best description of the corn dog. It had to be nothing short of spectacular to give someone the experience that they will never forget.

  5. you know how i hate fact checking… i was wondering where you were seeing her and was TRES jealous!!! can’t wait to read on that!

    SWEET luggage and even sweeter stand-up base. Neko’s basest has a seriously nice stand up. me loves it!!

    see im one of those guitar hero lovers who can play real instruments. heh heh

  6. Makes me want to go on a road trip real bad! Glad you girls had a great time!

  7. Great trip report. Makes me even more eager for my upcoming trip to see the Hold Steady and the Drive-By Truckers at the Showbox.

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  9. I don’t know if you’ve been there but give Portland a chance on some long weekend.

  10. Random comment from a not so random guy

    You 2 ladies are the true definition of natural beauty! Just gorgeous.

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