Me: So did you figure out what to make for dinner?

Stephen: Ya, I just took a steak out of the freezer.

Me: Yum.

Stephen: Doesn’t it seem kind of counterproductive to go for a run then go to McDonald’s?

Me: Not really. As long as I don’t eat a bajillion calories there.

Stephen: I see.

Me: I’ve been eating it my whole life!

Stephen: Haha maybe it’s just building up inside of you, ready to give you some kind of disease!

Me: What kind of disease?

Stephen: All kinds probably. I don’t know how you don’t feel like dying when you eat it.

Me: I feel like dying from the awesomeness on my tongue…

Okay so I have never been one to really run. When I started going to the gym three weeks ago, I told my trainer that I’d be totally into weight training but count me out for cardio. I hate it and I pretty much always have. But then something weird happened. The more I worked out, the stronger I became and before I knew it, I wanted to run to the gym. Quelle bizarre behavior!

Yup, I’ve definitely gotten stronger, more toned and very much more Bosworth in the last few weeks. I skipped the gym after work today because I actually felt like going for a run to bust off some stress instead.

I started out in Gastown, went up Main Street to Crab Park, all along the waterfront to Waterfront Road, under Canada Place, up through Coal Harbour to the corner of Hastings and Broughton and then back down to Burrard, up to Pender and straight down Pender until I hit the Tinseltown McDonald’s.

All in, 40 minutes later I had covered 4.63km of territory without stopping once. Not only can I not believe that I actually ran, but did so without stopping. Good tunes (The Pixies, Jay-Z and Daft Punk to name a few) and supportive sneakers are key, it seems.

I picked up a great pair of Nike runners at Winner’s for only $70 this week, and so far, it’s been a wise investment. Another tip: make the trek to Burlington, WA and hit the new Lululemon Factory Outlet. The same outfit that I’d priced at about $150 with tax on Robson Street cost me a mere USD$60 with tax last Saturday.

Question for all you runners: Why the heck do I still get that same side cramp that plagued me in elementary school track and field, and how do I get rid of it?

Highlight Of The Day

It seems that being sweaty and joggy is more attractive to men than being dressed-up and strutting. While I oddly got more than my fair share of male attention today, as I jogged past the fire station at Main and Powell, I was greeted by a trio of firefighters who were delighted to wave and wink. Ahhh…rescue me.

Awkward Moment Of The Day

As I was walking home from work, a well-dressed man much shorter than me approached with a puzzled look on his face. Sweetly, I asked if he was lost. He wrung his hands for a brief moment. “Ah, yah, I’m looking for a tall blonde girl…know of any?” I instantly had a flashback to the time Samantha got motorboated, shook my head no and flashed a lovely goodbye smile as I kept on walking.


  1. Keira!!! You look amazing! I was totally looking at the same polka dot top at lulu. I’ve ALSO started to become stronger. But I am in the early early (EARLY) stages. You totally inspire me! I have been using the gym at the hotel which is small but actually quite awesome! (only a block away, and sometimes I bump into hot celebrities!) I went for a bit of a shopping spree at lulu just so that I would have the extra push to go work out. It has been going awesome and I cannot wait until I crave and enjoy it like you do! And see results like you do!! 😉
    Love you girl! Good to have you back to blog land!

  2. Yup, your mom is right…it’s all about your breathing to cure the cramp.

    I’m excited to get back into running regularly again…I’ve really missed it.

    Hot new gear, by the way.

  3. If my knees weren’t shot, I’d probably take up running. In the meantime, I’ll settle for this outdoor cardio class. :)

  4. Hi, I found your blog on this new directory of WordPress Blogs at I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, i duno. Anyways, I just clicked it and here I am. Your blog looks good. Have a nice day. James.

  5. Wow, you learn something new everyday (about the side cramps). I’ll have to remember that. You know, to tell someone who actually runs (in other words, definitely not me).

  6. I get the same cramp! Thanks for posting this, I now know how to cure it!! : )

  7. im worried about you running in those shoes. also, it looks silly but works for me anyways and i do see some other runners doing it, one of my coaches told me when i was a kid, run with your hands on your hips and do the proper running breathing, with proper hand placement you’ll be able to massage the area at the same time.

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